Lenovo N22 11" Intel Dual-Core Chromebook

Lenovo N22 11" Intel Dual-Core Chromebook

I like my Lenovo Chromebook.

Is this more dilapidated hardware that Google won’t support once it’s booted up?

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Read the specs:

Operating System:
Chrome OS
Google Approved with Auto-Updates through June 2021

For those that have chrome books are they pretty much tablets with a keyboard?

Can you add internal memory for the apps or is the external memory just for pics and vids?

as long as it has an sd card slot like for a camera… u can keep it there… now as far as computer memory or hard drive upgradabilty most i would say nope…

Is this a touchscreen?

It looks like it does have a touchscreen from the reviews

There are two n22 versions. One with touchscreen and one without. If I were to bet I would say this one is without. Last time they posted this Chromebook it was not the touchscreen version.

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Lenovo Chromebooks’ build quality increased considerably in the models built AFTER this one!

This is not a touchscreen.

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Might have sprung on this if it were a touch screen :w_sleepy:

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Why is it linked to reviews on the touchscreen model?




I purchased this the last time offered for $99.00. I also thought that it had touch screen because of the reviews I had read. Very disappointed that it didn’t. I have had it well over 30 days and it had no flaws so I didn’t want to initiate the return process. It works well although very slow to boot compared to my HP chromebook. Later on, I figured out how to look at specs, I found it has 2G rather than 4G advertised.

What exactly does that entail nowadays? The one I just got in the mail had the prior owners name on a sticker across the power supply, was missing a rubber foot, and two of the rubber stoppers on the screen.
Haven’t even fired it up yet to see if it works.

Uh, wow. Some of it, maybe. But not all of it. Reach out to woot customer service. We like to track issues and they can help you out.

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