Lenovo N22 11" Dual-Core Touch Chromebook

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Lenovo N22 11" Dual-Core Touch Chromebook
Price: $169.99
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A chromebook!
Brand new!
And ready for you!

Pay attention when price comping. Ours is a touchscreen. Many others aren’t.


Now, tell me your thoughts about this Chromebook.

Is it just me or does it seem like Woot gave the keys to a schizophrenic in regards to Holiday Woot? It makes no sense to the average wooter. Unless it gets explained better I think it will be a complete bust to most people. Please help!

These are nice enough little machines, but I doubt this one really runs on Windows as stated in the Features tab.


So this item has the “Holiday Returns” emblazoned upon it, but if you read the fine print, computers are among the exceptions.


Chromebooks are junk save your money.

A matter of opinion, I suppose.

I work from home full time, and VPN/Remote Desktop into a computer located in a different state. Would a Chromebook be good for that? In my case, no. The system I work on requires the function keys for navigation, and because a Chromebook has no function keys, it’s useless for that.

It is, however, a great computer for those whose needs don’t extend past a web browser. When I travel, I don’t take my work laptop (a desktop replacement) with me. It’s heavy, bulky, and I would have to disconnect all of the wired peripherals that are plugged in. I instead take my Chromebook. It’s small, lightweight, and does everything I need when I’m on the road – web browsing and movie/TV watching. There’s enough room on even a 16 GB SSDD to load a few movies for a short trip, and if I’m going to be on a longer trip, I have a small profile 128 GB thumb drive that can hold a lot more.

We’re a three Chromebook family here. My two daughters have Chromebooks in addition to Windows computers (one has a school-issued laptop, the other has my hand-me-down desktop with a huge monitor), and they both mostly use the Chromebooks.

It may not be for everyone but I love my Chromebook. Especially for travel, very light and you don’t have to remove it from your carry on luggage. Great for keeping in touch while on the road. The keyboard makes it more practical than just your phone. I use a wireless mouse with mine but the touch screen sounds interesting.

Disagree. I keep one in the living room and find it very handy. I consider it to be one of my best electronics purchases. Don’t know about this particular machine, however.

Yeah, another disagree here. I purchased a bottom-of-the-barrel Hisense Chromebook from Woot oh-so-many-months ago. It was cheap, and I wanted to see what one of these things could do. I was surprised at how useful it actually is–once Android apps come to Chromebook, they’ll have that much more going for them.

I manage 196 of theses N22s at a school and we have had a 40% failure rate, primarily due to poor quality control during assembly. Very disappointed. Warranty coverage does not include return shipping and it is typically a 2 week turn around if they have parts. Our last warranty service took 5 weeks as they were out of parts completely. Don’t buy one unless $169 is truly disposable income.

I know NOTHING about these (technology challenged, in general) but want to get my daughter a CHEAP laptop that she can connect to web, listen to music and type papers on for school - will this do it? Thanks!

Chromebooks are perfect for the things you describe. I use mine daily around the house and only wake the beast (my desktop PC) when I need to do a task that requires a better processor or more storage.

Will it run Google Play games?

Not cool Woot. I just bought this from the mother site that YOU had listed, for $184.99.

The ONLY benefit is that I got a warranty alongside it, idk if that’s an option here.

It could work, but I would suggest for looking for something a little larger if she attempting to do any work. The 11" may be tiresome to do any lengthy typing or research. Storage is also limited - larger files must be stored on a thumb drive or portable hard drive. For simple web surfing, music, watching Youtube, etc, this would work fine.

That is exactly what I use mine for. There are a few things I would prefer Word or Excel for over Google Docs or Google Sheets, but for the most part, it does everything I need it to. I’m considering getting two of these for my children who are always borrowing mine to do school work.

While I get that some folks like Chromebooks, I am not one of them.

What a Chromebook is:

  • An inexpensive sort of laptop.
  • Instead of Windows or Apple OSX, it runs Goolge’s Chrome operating system.
  • That means you can’t install “traditional” programs like Microsoft Office or Photoshop on it.
  • Instead of traditional programs, you have tons of “apps” available.
  • While it can be operated free-standing, it really wants to be always connected to the Internet.
  • It wants you to store your stuff “in the cloud” on the Internet. It has tiny internal storage for your files/photos/whatever.

Summary: So if you want to save some bucks, can always/most of the time be connected to the Internet and don’t mind keeping all your stuff on the Internet, a Chromebook from a range of different brands might make sense.