Lenovo N23 2-in-1 Touchscreen Laptop

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Lenovo N23 2-in-1 Touchscreen Laptop
Price: $299.99
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Condition: New


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As a confirmed purchase of the N22 offer from almost exactly two years ago (n3050 proc, non touch screen, 64G mmc… https://www.woot.com/offers/back-to-school-lenovo-n22-11-6-notebooks)
I would recommend any purchaser thoroughly inspect the item delivered.
Mine came in a box with a different serial number than the computer inside. It was also short on half the storage and half the memory that was speced for purchase. Then had to go through the trouble of pre a Amazon Woot’s fire hoop ridden RMA policy.
Buyer be ware
Buyer be ware

Terrible deal when you can snag 8th gen i5 laptops for 100 dollars more with patience. Maybe if this was 200 dollars it’d be worth a second thought.

Win 10 pro is worth $150 by itself.

Maybe, but on a 4GB device, is the package as a whole worth it? I personally do not think so.

And not expandable to 8GB.

Not with the bottleneck this processor will cause.

Win 10 Pro is worth what? I got a license for $14. And I wouldn’t pay more than $20. God I miss Windows 7 Ultimate.

I bought the 2 gig ram version with 64 gb ssd and it was horrible. Horribly slow, not enough storage etc. I traded it for an HP hybrid with 4 gig, 128 gb ssd - essentially this very same machine. Made all the difference.

IMO, I like the Lenovo footprint better but the HP (with these specs) and I assume this machine is pretty good.(The HP was $269 and incl a pen)

I work with the Chromebook version of this model, and they’re fragile pieces of shit. The plastics in the lid bend and break and the screen separates from it.

Not saying this is any better but…


For a hundred bucks less you get an aluminum body, a full HD screen that is really nice, and M2 expansion slot, afull year warranty, a similar but slightly better processor and a year of Office 365 personal which is a 70 dollar value if you use it. On the negative side you get a smaller drive that won’t allow you to update it to the current version of Windows 10 without a whole lot of extra work, a no name German brand and Windows 10 home. For 40 bucks you can get a M2 SSD clone the onboard drive and make that the boot drive. A process that takes about 30 minutes. I have the 199 Tekstor and swapped the drives and it is a great light use, light weight Windows machine and would recommend it to anyone wanting to use it as a Internet browsing, light word processing and email machine provided they can do the drive swap.


Available from Amazon for $224.

[MOD: No SSD.]

Bill Gates, that you?