Lenovo N23 YOGA 32GB Convertible Laptop

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Lenovo N23 YOGA 32GB Convertible Laptop
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32G not enough to be practical - is this expandable?

A USB3 harddrive can be plugged in for pictures and such up to a terrabyte. If it is storage you are concerned with. You have to be a little picky about software you install on the 32 gig drive. Though if you are willing to keep the USB drive plugged in you could install software on it.

You know I dont really understand why they do this… I have had 2 pc’s with these small 32 gb drives one with windows 10 32 bit and one with 64 bit… on the 32 bit your fine because windows doesnt take up as much space and you just add and good size sd card for your data… Now on the 64 bit you come out screwed because you cant do windows updates between your actual windows program … and the download when you go to do a couple of updates it tells it doesnt have the space for the download so your screwed… they have to make these windows 64 bit versions with a minimum of 64gb ssd…

it does have a possibility to upgrade internal storage if you don’t mind popping the top off it…

possibility… there needs to be a for sure

I dont think there is because there would be at least one video on youtube about it … and there is not

The size of Windows 10 in any version is no larger than 19 Gig. Still 32 GB is way too small, not to mention that eMMC drives are slower than molasses. Upgrading IS possible, but still eMMC is drastically slow no matter what the size drive.

Here’s how to open it, you can get to the eMMC from there…

Interestingly, the N22 has an M.2 slow, not sure about the N23 though.

[QUOTE=Nargg, post:10, topic:748275]
Here’s how to open it, you can get to the eMMC from there…


well thats a chrome… this a yoga… but anyway dont see any kind of up gradable drive on that one anyway…

PS. they are likely the same hardware…

Not sure how you qualify these specs as a “laptop” other than it fits on your lap. This is barely a chromebook spec machine. And a poor one at that.

N23 HW Service Manual can be found here. https://download.lenovo.com/consumer/mobiles_pub/lenovo_n23_hmm_201607.pdf
Page 54 has an exploded parts diagram. P55 has the FRU list. Part 4 is the INTEGRATED CPU/RAM/eMMC part. eMMC 32GB storage is NOT a separate component, neither is RAM on a removalble DIMM. The board CAN be upgraded by being replaced with another with upto 8G (ram) and 64G (“disk”), however, this is unlikely to be cost effective, assuming Lenovo has parts available and a method of consumer purchase.

As others have said (and I have tried with an HP Stream SoC notebook), Windows with no Apps installed does not leave enough space on a 32G eMMC to install updates, even if offloading part of the update to an SD card or external disk. Only way to upgrade is to wipe the disk, and reinstall a slip-streamed full windows+updates.

This unit would likely make a very nice Linux (Ubuntu or Mint) travel notebook, where size weight cost and theft are the biggest concerns and you don’t store a bunch of stuff or use a bunch of apps.

So - is this an 11E or an N23? My page shows an 11E.

It lists and ethernet port but it looks like the pictured does not have one.

Thanks for any help.

I don’t consider this a laptop, even though it is labelled such.

It seems to be Lenovo’s attempt to have a Chromebook sort of device but that is running Windows instead of ChromeOS. That’s the only explanation for such inadequate hardware.

Why Lenovo though this was a good idea is beyond me. (That’s why these are on closeout at Woot)

While the eMMC is typically soldered to the motherboard, I’m surprised no one picked up on the CPU (lack of) performance. It scores 992 on Passmark. Even if this had a fast SSD instead of eMMC, this computer will still be slow as dirt. The Athlon 64 from 2009 has about the same CPU rating.

From what I can see, this looks like a lot of potential maintenance issues with few options to make them go away with hardware upgrades…Definitely not worth the price for me.

I just called them… It is an 11E not an N23. This is what they told me. I cannot seem to find a part number however.

So I am not sure if this has an impact on the upgradability.

[MOD: Correction. It’s an N23. Sorry!]

N23 is the correct version being sold. The full title, in the box, and write-ups have all been changed from 11E to N23. The features and specs are all correct for the N23.

Sorry about the mixup