Lenovo P50 15" Full-HD Intel i7, M2000M Workstation

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Lenovo P50 15" Full-HD Intel i7, M2000M Workstation
Price: $1499.99
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Condition: New


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I’ve got the quad core XEON version of this thing…it’s a beast.

How do you change the OS of this to Windows 10?

Where do you get the Win 10 OS from?

The SSD here looks to be an M.2, and the brackets and cable appear proprietary, same for the 2.5" form factor SSD/HDD bay.

Where do you get the bracket and cable to attach either M.2 or 2.5" mass storage? Links please.

This is so nice to see on Woot instead of the crappy 11e models lol :slight_smile:
I configured this machine several ways with both an EDU and B&N discount and this is CHEAP!
I just might bite :slight_smile:

I bought this machine at launch after waiting for a long time and ended up disappointed.

Besides the launch bugs, the 4K screen was absolute garbage. Worst screen I’ve seen in a long while. You can look it up online if you was to see just how bad it is.

This is quite nearly the exact computer that I just bought. I’ve had it for three whole days now, and I’m loving it. That, of course, doesn’t give me enough time to find all of the flaws or break it, but even so…

I did spend a bit more on the Lenovo website for it, but I have options added to it, plus more memory. Even so, this is a great price!

What a rip! I just got a Dell Inspiron with a CRISP 15.6" IPS HD touch display, 7th Gen i5-7200U Intel chip, 2-in-1, 256SSD, 8GB DDR4 ram, fine backlit keyboard, WIN 10 (which I thought I’d hate but love), the new USB 3.1 and other ports, 802.11ac dual band, etc. for $671 shipped. It is lightning fast booting in 15 seconds, shutting down in 5. Fast enough to be a gamer for most.

I bought 1 several months ago directly from Lenovo. Loved it for about a month until I started having issues. The first problems i had was with the body of the device. Areas around the keyboard started to bulge which wasn’t a big deal until those areas started to crack. 2nd issue was the battery was not able to hold a charge longer than 4 hours (this is only after owning it a little less than 2 months) which wasn’t a big deal since i rarely travel with it but thought you should know. The worst issue I have is that the laptop intermittently looses the ability to recognize wifi spots. I do not have a dedicated line in my office or in a majority of the rooms I use this machine in my house. All my drivers are up to date and I still have issues. This is a hit or miss purchase. I have read many great reviews but unfortunately I ended up with a lesser unit.

You can buy Windows 10 from the Microsoft store and do an in-place upgrade. https://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msusa/en_US/cat/categoryID.70036700

I’m not sure what you’re asking about the storage; the connectors might be specific to the laptop, but you could swap out the M.2 to a larger size if that’s what you’re wondering. You would need to use an M.2 USB adapter to clone the existing drive first, or just start from scratch on the new one.

First, Inspiron is Dell’s budget line, so there would be a noticeable difference in build quality. Next, the i7 in this machine is almost twice as fast as your i5 (https://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu.php?cpu=Intel+Core+i5-7200U+%40+2.50GHz&id=2865) and lastly, the Quadro M2000M in this laptop is a workstation-grade GPU designed for design/engineering work, not gaming. You’re comparing apples to oranges.

This is a whole different animal than your Dell.

  • This uses a quad core i7 standard voltage (HQ) CPU. Your Dell uses a dual core i5 ultrabook (U) CPU. Most laptops with i5 U CPUs, known as ultrabooks like your Dell, go for under $1k. Laptops with i7 HQ CPUs go for well over $1k. This is a workstation class laptop.

Passmark scores:
Dell, Core i5-7200U @ 2.5 GHz, 4790
Lenovo, Core i7-6820HQ @ 2.7 GHz, 8717



  • This has space internally for 3 SSDs: 2 m.2, 1 2.5". m.2 SSDs can currently go up to 1 TB, although as a new format, they will likely expand to higher capacity in the future. Since there are 2 m.2 slots, they can be striped for greater speed or mirrored for greater security. This device probably has 1 256 GB m.2 SSD.
    2.5" SSDs can go up to 4 TB, so this has a total capacity of 8 TB. Your Dell probably has only space for 1 2.5" mass storage device.
  • If I’m not mistaken, this can accomodate RAM up to 64 GB, in 4 slots. Don’t know what your Dell can take.
  • Lenovo keyboards are legendary and the best in the business.
  • Lenovo ThinkPads have excellent build quality. That’s why people who can buy any laptop they want typically buy Lenovo (formerly IBM) laptops.
    I don’t work for Lenovo, and used to buy Toshiba, until bit the bullet and went for Lenovo. Haven’t looked back.

This is a business class PC. Your laptop is a home class PC. The build quality on business class PCs is much better, but maybe that would be considered subjective. So here is where the Lenovo is objectively better. It has 4 cores instead of 2. Each core is clocked higher. The screen resolution has 4x the amount of pixels. It has a Quadro graphics card. Twice the amount of RAM.

The only place I could see your laptop being better is it being a touch screen which is a mix of objective and subjective. You could also say since you have a newer gen processor it uses less power, but I believe the Lenovo has a bigger battery to make up for that.

Build quality is second to none with a fine aluminum chassis, somewhat “rough” GLASS touchpad for excellent tactile feel and it’s about as fast as anyone would need. 8 GB of DDR4 ram (not DDR3) is about all you need but it is expandable. I doubt if 1% of the population needs or wants an expensive Lenovo which is subject to problems. BTW, the screen is absolutely beautiful and the one year phone tech service is pretty damn good and professional. They know their stuff. Had it about 2 months or so with NO problems. Just booted it up, took 12 seconds. Shut Down took 2 seconds.

Keep your family photos and such on an external HD.

I understand. If you NEED the extra speed and such and are willing shuck out another $829, go fer it.

Considering the problems which includes a poor tech service reputation there’s something lacking in build quality with Lenovo.

I know what it’s supposed to be. “It is what it is” though.

Just moved up from a Toshiba. Gawd what a difference! That Toshiba 17" laptop was/is a POS! I too won’t look back. :slight_smile:

Please read the specs. It comes with a WIN 10 license, meaning, you can “upgrade” it. Be careful, some folks got into a real mess doing this. I love WIN 7 though. Took me a while to remove the app crap on the WIN10 desktop. MS has been pushing Win10 for a long time, especially via WIN7 OS updates. You think you’re getting a security update and then find out you’ve got a WIN10 nag. (Beware or uninstall the nags KB3021917, KB3035583 and KB3022345). That means only one thing to MS - they want your money via apps and such.

Also, have you tried Google and doing a little research? Info is out there.

Speaking of removing stuff and cleaning up your computer, been using CCleaner for years. It’s the best and safest computer cleanup program out there including cleaning your OS register.

Still don’t think you get it. If the computer you bought is good enough for YOU, great. However, your laptop and this one are for two different consumers. This is workstation. Meant for portable power and doing resource intensive work on the go.

This computer is meant for things like massive CAD files, rendering videos, and animation/3D work. Your computer would crawl if trying to perform tasks this one is meant for.

Like I said, if your computer works for you, great, but your computer and this one are not comparable for the work people would do on this.

considering CPU/GPU, the price is justified for users that uses graphic intense applications. And M2000M has compatible performance with GTX960. Typical laptop with GTX960M goes well over $1500. I don’t think Dell Inspiration can run Witcher 3 at 28 frame/second at 1080p/high detail settings.

You can also tell the huge difference in speed when you render video (4K if you love to use Gopro) or handle huge 25mega pixel picture files that many cameras output these days.

I think Dell Inspiration has Intel HD graphic… I can run the latest Tombraider on my current laptop with Intel HD 530, but at 15 frame/second or so… Unplayable…