Lenovo P50S 15.6" Intel i7, M500M Workstation

so, under the Key Features section on the Features tab it says 256Gb SSD, but on the specs tab it says 1Tb 5400 RPM…

what drive does this really come with? seems like for $1k it should have at least a 500Gb SSD

Good catch! We did some digging and this product actually comes with 1TB. We will update the info on the sale shortly.

So, I’m just getting around to setting up this laptop and there are 3 dead pixels on the screen so I already have to send it in for repair. I’m also having trouble w/ Windows Updates. I left it running overnight and it’s still just sitting at the “Checking for updates…” prompt. and adding RAM and swapping hard drive looks like it’s going to be a nightmare with this thing.
has anybody else run into any issues with theirs?