Lenovo PCs for You and Me



Are you a Thinkpad fan? Review these machines!


“Graphics: Intel HD”

Can we vague that up a little more? DX9/10/11? Shaders? Can it run Minecraft? Borderlands2?


i got my lenovo in april from Woot. I kept putting off and putting off getting a laptop and finally caved when a Lenovo came up. If you get a dell, you’re gonna have a bad day. if you get a Lenovo, every day will be a great day! (i can say this because i have both a dell and lenovo)


The laptop specs for Keyboard say, “Spell-Resistant”. Ha, ha.


Someone’s got to make PCs for Hogwarts students.


The pictures are misleading. They show that the E420 14" laptop has the number pad on the right side of the keyboard. It doesn’t. The E520 15.6" does though. Just beware if you want the number pad.


Isn’t a 250GB HD a bit small for a desktop these days? Other than that, it appears to have decent specs for the price.


Have you heard of this new thing called “the cloud?”


Some of us prefer not to use “the cloud”. Plus having more storage on your pc never hurt.


There’s no way I want my data in the cloud where more 3rd parties could potentially have access to it. I have antivirus, firewall, passwords, and then I’ll hand my data to someplace I have no idea where it is or who works for the company that could access it? No thanks!


Thanks for pointing that out. We have updates the photo to the correct image. If you ordered the 14" laptop with the expectation of a numerical keypad and would like to cancel your order, contact customer service.


Does the M91P qualify for the Windows 8 upgrade, or just the laptops?


That just means that the spell checker doesn’t work. I have one and it is spell resistant. I just turned off spell check, and it’s fine.


ROFL. We’ll get that fixed.


How would the M19 work as a media PC connected to an LCD TV? Since it has no HDMI out, what would be the best way to connect it to the TV and what cables would I need?
I’m currently using an ASUS eeeBox, and it’s having problems with streaming netflix and can’t play back HD vid. Would this be a good upgrade? Thanks!


Wondering this too. The AMD site implies this card has an HDMI port but the picture certainly makes it look like it does not. Would like to use the computer to run a pair of 27 inch monitors. Would this work?


Got our AIO M90z yesterday and immediately put Win8 Enterprise on it.

THIS THING IS AWESOME. The display is gorgeous, the graphics are totally adequate (although Really Slick Screensavers, which use OpenGL, run like crap) for basic use, and the thing is incredibly easy to service.

Windows experience index scored at 4.1, slowed down by the desktop graphics score. The CPU hit 7.9 and the other hardware is in the 5-6 range. Minecraft runs fine with the default texture - we haven’t tested with any of the HD textures.

The blank on the left side (when facing the display) is for an optional ExpressCard module. We’re going to try and find one on eBay or elsewhere and add it in, plus another 4GB RAM.

For anyone interested, we tried an 8GB DIMM and it definitely did not work. The machine POSTed but Windows wouldn’t boot.

My only complaint so far is that I just noticed there’s a tiny speck of dust stuck between the digitizer and the display. It’s driving the OCD side of me absolutely bonkers.