Lenovo Quad-Core Win 7 Pro Tiny Desktop

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Lenovo Quad-Core Win 7 Pro Tiny Desktop
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CPU Benchmarks

Maybe I’ve just been out of the game for a while, but what I’m reading is a 65W power supply? Surely that can’t be right. Isnt that only enough to run a fairly efficient processor?

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What the heck is that on the back? It looks like a coax connector?!

WiFi antenna connector.

I am guessing it is for the wireless antenna.

Yes the round connector is for the WiFi antenna. This unit typically pairs with a monitor which they aren’t selling here, which is awkward.

Here is a better look at the whole thing on YouTube:

I’ve set up a few of these small computers for clients (albeit with faster CPUs), but essentially they’re laptop-class parts in a metal box. We’re talking 2.5 inch SSD/HDDs (I’ve seen some other in this form factor that have mSATA slots too) and SODIMM (laptop RAM) for upgrading. Quite easy to open up and upgrade / clean of dust. No PCIe expansion, of course.

One amusing bonus is if you have a newer Lenovo laptop, this uses the same exact power adapter, too (assuming you match the wattage).

Most desktop CPUs use 50-130w power, but this uses a laptop-grade J2900 Pentium CPU, which only has a TDP of 10 watts.

I could have gotten down with this if it had dual gigabit or USB 3.0… :frowning:

[MOD: Has USB 3.0. See specs.]

It has what looks like two USB 3.0 ports in the front; notice the blue and yellow ports are labeled “SS” for “super speed”, which is common for USB 3.0 ports.

Edit: link to wikipedia article on “superspeed”

Does it come with a WiFi antenna?

I could have also, if it also had 2 GTX980TI in a SLI configuration and maybe an intel i7-5980X CPU.

Sigh… Need at least 16Gb minimum for what I am running. This would have been an ideal datanode for a small hadoop cluster.

Why do these things always have Displayport instead of HDMI? My ancient HTPC needs a replacement.

You can get a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter. I use one for my work laptop.

I bought one of these a month or two ago. It worked for a could weeks, and then something happened. For a day or so, it would not booth past the BIOS. In trying a number of reboots, eventually it got worse and now I can’t turn it on at all. I’m left with a brick. Obviously I would warn against this product.

You have a 1-year warranty with Lenovo. Have you contacted them for help?