Lenovo Quad-Core Win 7 Pro Tiny Desktop

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Lenovo Quad-Core Win 7 Pro Tiny Desktop
Price: $229.99
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Something Cool

If this is the same model, $50 less on amazon


[MOD: Not seeing it. It’s higher priced.]

Does anyone know if you could turn this into a Steam box?

Integrated Graphics card would make it no fun. But other than the crap graphics capabilities it would work. SteamOS allows for Intel Graphics which is what it is. Not sure how useful it would be though.

Are these actively or passively cooled?

And are they strictly EFI?

If EFI is supported, EFI-32 or EFI-64?

If only it had a hdmi port

I use mine for a headless plex server attached to a NAS - I also run virtual box on it with a few VM’s

yep looks the same
Price: $254.99

Display Port to HDMI cable works for that…

You can use this for Steam in-home streaming to play games from another computer on the network if you have a dedicated gaming rig.

I would check the recommended hardware specifications for the specific game you’d want to play though.

This is the exactly what I would use this as (Plex server). How has it worked for you? Any transcoding/slowness issues on the client side?

This is exactly what I want to use it for, plus running SQL Express. Sounds like this can handle it!

Does this use a 2.5" or a 3.5" hard drive? Searched everywhere and can’t find this info.

If this is the same as the Amazon link, it seems to be a 2.5".

Thanks!! I figured it would probably be a 2.5", but was kind of holding out hope for 3.5". Bought it anyway.