Lenovo Quad-Core Win 7 Pro Tiny Desktop

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Lenovo Quad-Core Win 7 Pro Tiny Desktop
Price: $219.99
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Condition: New


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Check out this review over at PCworld.com

Are the golf balls included?

Will it upgrade to Windows 10?

Can you attach a DVD/CD burner?

Not with GWX Control Panel running.

I assume the included USB mouse and keyboard are wired vs wireless?

Correct. I bought one a while back and it came with wired mouse and keyboard. Would have been great if this had the bluetooth module.

I purchased one of these the last time it was here on Woot sold as new. The computer I received was not not new and had remnants of the previous owner’s information and browsing history and who knows what. It appears that the computer was shipped directly from Lenovo, so Lenovo may be shipping used as new. You may want to verify that the machine you receive is actually new.

According to the photo of the upgrade to Windows 10 screen… Yes it will.
Edit:See previous comment about GWX Control Panel.

Yes, mine did.

I got one a few weeks ago and really like it.

I got one of these the last time they ran this. Replaced the hard drive with an SSD, upgraded to Windows 10 and attached a usb bluray drive to rip discs and do workhorse stuff so I don’t have to tie up my laptop doing stuff like that when I’m working on it. It’s not a racehorse or a gamer, but it takes up almost no space and serves my purposes just great.

All Win7 and Win8 do.

Not an awesome deal when a mini tower is the same price at Walmart, with the same or better specs, HDD being 1TB. NO WAY is/was $519 the original price!

You’re starting to piss me off woot, with your false deals… That is why I do NOT buy from you anymore, when WALMART beats you.

[MOD: My search says nope.]

Actually, this is not true. I have a Windows 8.1 tablet using the Atom z2760 processor, and its video driver will not work on Windows 10. Neither Microsoft nor Intel seems willing or able to update the driver.

So much anger… You’re paying for the form factor here. This is small enough to be VESA mounted to the back of a monitor. Smaller than your typical micro and mini towers. As far as original MSRP, I hope you haven’t forgot how fast tech advances and how quickly the performance-to-price changes. It very well could’ve been $500

The spirit of Woot! is to find/snag the good deals and beat others to them. Woot was never the price leader in all cases. Crappy products have always been offered. It’s a crap shoot anyways since it’s usually warehouse leftover inventory being liquidated. Even more of a crap shoot if you get a sack of poo since well… it’s a sack of poo!

Community based deals means if you don’t like what you see, post the better deals/price comparisons to give the vendor an opportunity to adjust pricing, or say “eff it” and go buy from Wally World. No one’s forcing you to buy ANYTHING on this website. Stop being a Kylo Ren and contribute something to improve the community if you don’t like what you see anymore.

So… Where’s the link to this mentioned Walmart product?

[MOD: My search says nope.]

Are you happy with the purchase?