Lenovo Quad-Core Win 7 Pro Tiny Desktop

It’s deja vu all over again.

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Review over at PCWorld

Tell me about it. It’s like Woot has exactly five PC models to sell and they rotate them every couple of weeks with an odd assortment of routers, monitors and keyboards as filler.

Hey, Woot, how about selling something a little different.

Today on Computers.Woot. Your choice:

  1. The Honda Asimo personal robot


  1. The W.O.P.R. mainframe computer from WarGames.

(Limit three per person)

Meh, my phone is more powerful. And it has four cores.

But does it come with the golf balls?

I bought one for a friend for a teeny tiny workstation for her teeny tiny work desk. They are solid little machines, nice specs for their size and make great office machines. Plus Win7, for those who aren’t keen on Win8/10!

How would one of these work as a home theater computer and for running MAME? I would imagine the specs would be more than enough to handle those two tasks and not much else.

It’s strange to see a machine without an HDMI port these days.

I bought one last time. I put an 8Gb RAM stick and a 1 Tb hard drive in it, bumped the shared video memory in the BIOS from 32mb to 512mb, installed a fresh Win10 (updated before reinstalling so there’s no key activation issues) and dual boot with Ubuntu. I put a Display port to HDMI connector on it to connect it to my TV. That worked out good, both video and audio pass through the $12 adaptor.

Yeah. It’s a deal killer for me. I think the machines that have HDMI are more gear towards home use and the ones with DisplayPort are geared more to business use.

Too bad … would be perfect for streaming videos to my TV … if there is a HDMI port.

Great post, but what does that mean to the rest of us? How much did it cost to upgrade this machine to make it work for your application? What is it capable of now that it wasn’t before?

I bought a $3 hammer at Odd Lots. Replaced the wooden handle with fiberglass and upgraded the head to hardened steel…now I have a great hammer for $38!

I remember reading a post from another wooter a while back that said HDMI carries a licensing fee where DisplayPort does not. You can get a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter.

For about 5 bucks you can have your choice of display port to HDMI cables/converters on the mothership.

So, what do the balls do? They look like golf balls, but can’t be, because that would make no sense. Is their positioning important, what if I move one to each side for symmetry’s sake? Can there be less than 4? If I add more does performance get better? What if I rotate them so ‘thinkcenter’ is underneath? PCs have gotten so confusing…

It means you should prolly stick with hammers…




Any way to add more network ports beside USB?