Lenovo RS140 Intel Core i3 Rackmount Server

Okay, here’s my beef. I’ve bought several of the Lenovo rack-mounts. Great machines (even though they do not seem to be supported by Solaris,) but all of the ones I have picked up from Woot came without drive brackets (and without drives, natch) and I have been unable to get any through distribution. If anyone has a source for Lenovo drive mounting brackets I would greatly appreciate a reference.

I just picked up my second RS140 here on woot. I got the first back in November from Provantage a bit cheaper than woot, out of stock listing a much higher price now as well. My first unit did not come with brackets or drive cables. A company called triathloncc had both the brackets and cables. I see they have increased their prices as well. Part # 00FC519-02 is the 2.5" drive bracket. #00FC373-02 is the SATA cable set for 4 drives. Erroneously listed as SAS cables.
Drive brackets available on amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B019EEH1NG/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A1UMPX8HZ468X0 I just ordered two of them.

You can get them right from IBM parts.


The part number for the 3.5" bracket is 00FC517 and the 2.5" bracket is 00FC519. Be very careful you order the right size for your chassis. You will either have one that accepts 2 - 3.5" drive OR 4 -2.5" drives. The chassis’ will not accept both.

Would anyone happen to know if I can run VMWare ESXi on this particular outfit?

Wish I’d known they were coming without drive caddies and cables… $269.99 for the server, $20x4 ($80) for drive brackets, $34 for the cable… $150 server without drives is now $383.99 server without drives… Should have just bought one with everything for a little more. Lesson learned, won’t make that mistake again.