Lenovo RS140 Intel Xeon 3.4GHz Rackmount Server

Does anyone have any experience with these? Would like to know if I can simply pick up some DDR3 “desktop style” RAM and a couple of SATA drives, drop them in, install an OS and go?

Or is there only certain RAM these system will run, and do I need any HDD trays/brackets?


Seems like the hard drive brackets are near impossible to find and when you do they are super expensive. These servers really are quite crappy.

Thanks! That’s what I was afraid of. Thought they’d be nice for a few specific purpose servers, guess it’s back to building a big one and running VM’s.

I bought one last time and it works well enough for me. I was able to order brackets from Lenovo (look at the previous sale for my comments that contained a link) but in the end didn’t need them. Took a month to ship from Lenovo so I followed someone else’s advice and did SSDs with some velcro stickers. Works well enough given no moving parts. Not sure how it would do with a normal HD but if you double up on velcro you are probably still ok.

You can get better but this was one of the few that met my specific needs (CPU specs, rackmount, and half depth so I could mount in a two post rack). Happy enough with the performance. Can’t recall what RAM I purchased but it was off Amazon and cheap enough.

How much did you pay for the brackets? If you haven’t used them still, would you be willing to part with them?

No hard drive means no trays or cables. The parts list is available at https://download.lenovo.com/parts/ThinkCentre/rs140_service_parts.pdf.

Does anyone know if it ships with the rail kit for rack mounting?

It is not.