Lenovo S30 Intel Xeon 128G+2TB WorkStation

Lenovo S30 Intel Xeon 128G+2TB WorkStation

Does anyone know if this has wireless or bluetooth built-in? I didn’t see it listed in the specs, but that may be because they don’t make computers without anymore. It’s been a while since we have had a desk top but now we have a kid who needs to stay stationary while working on hw. (The laptop has already been dropped twice!) Thank you!

Can anyone tell me if this is compatible with M.2 SSDs? Right now I’m using a laptop as a desktop and hardly take it anywhere so I’m thinking about getting a real desktop instead. It’s hard to find something that would work for everything I’d like it to and this one seems like a pretty good deal. If it isn’t able to use M.2 SSDs then it not going to be the desktop for me.

If I think of any other questions I’ll ask them here too.

Thanks a lot!

The spec sheet says it has no wireless capability. You’ll need to either connect with an ethernet cable or add a USB WiFi receiver.

It has a PCIe x16 wired as an x4 expansion slot available. You can pick up a PCIe x4 to M.2 adapter on Newegg for $13.

Something to think about since it didn’t state it here. If this machine comes with standard non-ECC ram, 16gb is the max you will be able to go. I got a HP Workstation off woot a couple years ago, came with the Xeon cpu. But it came with 8gb of standard ram. Though I upgraded it to 16, If I wanted to max it at 32gb, I had to get ECC ram. So, IMO, if you want to boost it’s ram, plan on switching to ECC and I didn’t see anything where it came with a daughter board to get the max ram setup.

Would anyone know if this tower out of the box would be able to handle Dual Monitors ? or would the Video Card need replacing ? TYIA …

I’m only seeing one monitor out (DVI) so unless it’s a USB monitor, probably not. I could be wrong though.

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