Lenovo T420 14.1" Intel i5 2.5GHz Laptop

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Lenovo T420 14.1" Intel i5 2.5GHz Laptop
Price: $289.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 6-7 business days (Thursday, Dec 04 to Tuesday, Dec 09) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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My company uses these, their awful. Slower than molasses and they continue to get slower over time. Not even a virus causing it, just terrible parts. Not a fan of lenovo products. My two cents.

DO NOT GET THIS WOOT! I just got mine in today from ordering last week. NO DVD/RW drive (DVD ROM only) and NO FINGERPRINT reader! Woot wants to only give me $28 back as a consolation. This is BS!

Worst woot! off ever…

Well, I have a different experience. I’ve been using one of these for years and think it’s great. I replaced the hard-drive for additional space about 2 years ago and added some more ram but couldn’t be happier. I even do some light gaming on it, mostly titles at least a few years old or not graphic-intensive which suits me. Well constructed, I have little concern about it lasting years more.

I am not saying the laptop itself is bad, per se, but rather Woot’s portrayal of it is less than 100% honesty.

There’s a review of this laptop on laptopmag.com from 2011. Pretty old system to be selling…

My macbook pro from 2007 easily outdoes these things. I should probably get with the times though.

Apples to oranges - your mac is not nearly as old as the years say it is…

Can someone from Woot confirm the DVD R/W drive and fingerprint reader? I’d like one, but I’d like the one in the pictures.

Well the stats are bascially the same other than build quality, 4gb ram, 2.5 ghz, just only recently put an ssd in it (found a dead spider webbed itself within the confines of the old one). Finally starting to show age though.

Nope, the one this that changed when woot sold out is now they never admit they are wrong about anything.

When woot offs go wrong with a crummy deal I like to think there are internet pixies who sacrifice their lives to lower the % bar. Slowly they chip away at it piece by piece to bring an end to the horror. Thank you internet pixies, thank you!

This model does have the fingerprint reader thing. It has DVD drive, not sure offhand R/W status because i’m at work.
And to the person saying their Mac from 2007 is better than this I say “phooey”. This is a newer Intel i5 processor. Speed is measured by more than how many ghz it’s rated.

Bought exactly one of these couple months ago. I was not too happy with the condition it was in. Missing rubber feet, missing logo badge. Not a big deal but the laptop really looked “used”. I understand this is refurbished but still, it should look decent enough. Cost me $ to ship it back so I just keep it. We will see if this little laptop hold up in my daily use.


I literally just got mine today, and it has no fingerprint, DVD-ROM, and also no bluetooth.

I got the T410 back in July. This is +$10 and is basically the same except:

Intel i5-2520M vs i5-520M
1366x768 Intel HD 3000 vs 1280x800 HD
SD card reader vs 5-in-1
320 Gb/5400 rmp vs 160 Gb/7200

The T420 has an ever so slightly faster CPU and insignificant differences in dimensions. I don’t know about performance of 2520M vs 520M. One note: I downloaded a driver and enabled Bluetooth on the T410, even though it wasn’t listed on the specs. I’m hoping I can do the same with the T420.

I also have a Dell 6510 (refurb) and put Ubuntu on it. T410 is our Win7 machine. I prefer Linux, but the T410 HW is MUCH better than the Dell. I’m looking forward to putting Ubuntu on the T420. The kids say the T410 is the coolest of our computers (these two and a 2007 MacBook). We use the them for the usual stuff, nothing very heavy, and are very happy.