Lenovo T420 14.1" Intel i5 2.5GHz Laptop

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Lenovo T420 14.1" Intel i5 2.5GHz Laptop
Price: $249.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Friday, May 15 to Wednesday, May 20) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Lesson learned on these: FACTORY refurbished…yes! “Refurbished” = some guy in a basement. Came with ground-down logos, case scratches, and huge sheets of black tape covering the palmrests to cover flaws. I actually just donated it, it was so ugly. But FACTORY reconditioned items from woot are a really good deal…hold out for those.

I bought two of these and they work great nice size and i upgrade one with a SSD put 8 gigs of RAM and WOW very fast.

I’ve purchased many refurbished laptops, and the Lenovo Thinkpad T410 and T420 have been the best ones I’ve purchased so far. I’ve purchased 4 off-lease/refurbished Thinkpad T-series laptops (T61, T410, T420, T420). I got each of mine from a different source: Woot! (x2), Amazon, and Micro Center.

As business class laptops go, these are some of my favorites.

The good:

-High build quality
-I prefer the soft, lid-mounted keyboard light over a backlit keyboard.
-The keys themselves feel good to type on (little keyboard flex, good travel, none of those “island/Chiclet” keys).
-Excellent hardware support in both Windows and many common Linux distros, because they don’t contain a lot of obscure hardware.

The bad:

-The battery may be GREAT, or it may need to be replaced soon. It’s been a crap shoot, not only with these, but with all refurbished laptops.
-I’ve received one unit with a blown speaker on one side, but the rest have been great.
-The screen is 14", which I like, but some people may find it too small.

Whenever I buy one of these, I commit to spending about $100-150 making it into the laptop I really want by increasing the RAM and replacing the hard drive with a solid state drive. What I end up with is a $350-400 laptop that is much better than any new laptop I could’ve bought for the same price at a retail store. The only time I have to go over that budget is if the battery needs to be replaced, but that has only been the case on one of the four refurbished Thinkpads I’ve purchased.