Lenovo T420 14.1" Intel i5 2.5GHz Laptop

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Lenovo T420 14.1" Intel i5 2.5GHz Laptop
Price: $299.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Thursday, Oct 30 to Tuesday, Nov 04) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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It’s available for the same price on shop.com ($304.99 with free shipping)


[MOD: Ours has 4GB of RAM vs their 2GB. Ours also has Win 7 Pro vs Win 7 Home on theirs.]

the one on shop.com only has 2gb ram this one has 4gb.

I can’t speak to refurbs in particular, but the reason I bought my Lenovo (new, mind you) from Woot was that it still had the old buttons, like this one has. The newer flat “buttons” are a pain to use–I’ve tried them. Go on Lenovo.com if you want to read wailing and hear gnashing of teeth. Some people are okay with it, but I don’t see much praising of the new style.

I really love the new keyboards, honestly … but YMMV.

I know it says anti-glare screen, but from the users, i would like to know if has a matt screen?

anyone buy one of these refurb’s before from woot? how clean was it? like a new pc like most refurb’s from elsewhere or did it look used and or beat up at all? how was the battery?

very interested in one of these but never bought a refurb laptop from woot before.


I have been using a T420s as my main computer (with big monitors and docking stations) in both office and home office for the past three years. I can’t praise it highly enough - other than I preferred the older, more squarish, screen to the newer 14:9 aspect ratio on (almost all) newer laptops. I’ve been using IBM/Lenovo ThinkPads since the late 1990s and have consistently found them to be ‘best of breed’. Reliable, rugged, consistently performing well.

That said, this is a T420, not a T420s, which means its heavier and a little bigger. I also buy them with top of the line processors (i7 in my T420s) and more memory (8G), better graphics and a faster hard drive because I tend to keep my business machines for 3-4 years as main computer, and then another 3-4 as a backup or loaner. I’m happy enough with my T420s that I’ll probably wait until next Fall to replace it, once Windows 10 has appeared and touch/not touch has sorted itself out a bit more.

So, this will almost certainly be a solid, reliable machine, but it’s 3 year old technology: the T420/420s replaced the T410/410s sometime in 2011. And it’s an older i5 processor with just the built-in graphics, relatively slow (but decent size for the period) HD and only 4G ram.

This will do just fine for using MS Office programs (well, maybe a tad slow for really big spreadsheets), e-mail, most non-graphic intensive business applications, internet and the like.

I think it’s a good value, if I were looking for a bunch of usable laptops for employees, I’d probably pick some of these up.

But, out of an abundance of caution, I’d get an extended warranty.

I’ve bought two refurbished laptops from Woot (one for me and one for my wife). We’ve had them for 18-24 months and they’re still going strong.

I bought a refurb HP laptop, and it came looking pretty much brand new.

Is there any information about what organization did the refurbishing? Lenovo?? or someone else?

I’ve been using a T420i daily and a lot – I am not a gamer, but my entire data-intensive professional life is digital – since March 2012. It’s been great, with one major blip: the hard drive died after 11 months. If I needed a computer, I’d snap this up in a heartbeat, on the assumption that the refurb was the HD. It’s not a beautiful machine, but it’s sturdy and fast. Even with a relative’s employee discount, mine cost a LOT more than this – this is a good deal, even though it’s an older model.

It is not Lenovo. We would list it as factory reconditioned if it were. It’s a 3rd party.

Does the ultrabay on this have support for another battery?

The keyboard itself wasn’t bad. It was the mouse buttons that are now flat. Pushing down on them takes some effort, and the response is inconsistent on models newer than this. That’s the concern. Some people don’t mind it. It’s just when I looked on the Lenovo comments on their website, it was the main complaint on the new models.

I bought this identical laptop from arrowdirect about 3 weeks ago, though mine came with a 500gb hard drive and came in right under $200 shipped (cosmetically it was a ‘B’). Fantastic laptop. Absolutely no nonsense. If you’re interested in owning a laptop for, say, accomplishing things, go with a thinkpad.