Lenovo T420 14.1" Intel i5 2.5GHz Laptop

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Lenovo T420 14.1" Intel i5 2.5GHz Laptop
Price: $289.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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10/27/2014 - $299.99 - Click To See Discussion (34 comments)

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i bought this last month when the price was 299…arrived with dvd-rom,not the dvdrw but woot corrected this… visibly used, not new but very good condition… has a snappy processor that will match 500-600 dollar laptops… lots of bang for the buck for this t420… has a camera…i am using xp pro and love the leveno layout and matt screen… xp and win7 drivers on the leveno website. hd is easily accessed. the dvd pops out and you can slide in a drive caddy to have a second hard drive… caddy is on ebay for 10-15 dollars…this is a good value for $300.

I’m typing this on my T420s (only slightly higher spec than this woot), and love this laptop.

-Fast processor with good battery life, easily bumps up to 8+GB ram, and you can swap out the dvd for a second battery for day-long use.
-Durable thinkpad construction, with beefy metal hinges and magnesium frame. If corporate meetings get testy, you could bludgeon your adversaries into pulp with relatively low risk of cracking the screen or deforming the chassis.
-Insanely great keyboard, the LAST of this series to have it. T430 and later have cheaper chicklet/ibook-knockoff (“island style”) keys. (The “island style” in today’s description is mistaken, a T420 does not have chicklet keyboard. However, it does have BOTH trackpoint and touchpad.)
-Compatible with Linux (mint, ubuntu, deb); a typical install with every driver working takes under 10min. Fresh installs of Windows 7 and 8 also work well, but drivers can be a pain and take much longer to get right – you may have to manually download the wifi driver via another computer/install/reboot before you can use Lenovo’s auto-install tools to install other device/display/card reader drivers.
-Having VGA and hdmi/displayport output is great for presentations.

-Screen resolution on this model is bottom-spec, with lower resolution than an average cellphone, and practically fist-sized pixels. On the up side, if a pixel goes out, you could unscrew it and put in a 7watt incandescent nightlight bulb in a pinch.
-Lenovo’s support has gone… well… there’s a website, and they keep drivers more or less up to date. Don’t expect anything anything more. It’s not IBM.
-Windows support is adequate but not great (see above). The card reader and wifi drivers seem to be troublesome. Set aside a couple hours for a fresh windows install.

But don’t get me wrong, I’d buy one if I didn’t already have the T420s. Once a few things are sorted our, it’s a superb travel and presentation computer, a reasonable compromise with great features.

Agree with most, but this laptop only has display port which is a bummer.

No HDMI on this laptop

Does this have a camera or Bluetooth? I don’t see mention of either of those in the specs.

DisplayPort is easily convertible to HDMI with the right dongle/cable.

I bought a DP to HDMI male cable on Monoprice. You can also get a short DisplayPort to HDMI female adapter cable elsewhere but it’s kind of expensive.

Anyone know how old these are?


edit: at first I said it was the same price.
then I saw the hundred-dollar difference.

I think I was just expecting a same-price-free-shipping-no-tax sort of thing after I saw the same thing right after I Wooted my T60 several years back

looking at the amazon and google search links in an earlier post above, it looks like this is decently comparable to what you can find elsewhere, but you can get cheaper depending from whom you want to buy.

I don’t follow your post but it’s ok I’m fine with that I think.

It appears the item at the “Egg” is different in that its specs indicate theres an HDMI port.

Woot will you verify the ports on your item please ?

The last Lenovo T-series before they wrecked the keyboard (T-430) and the touchpad/trackpoint (T-440).

I’d rather have this laptop with an SSD upgrade than any of the newer ones in the series.

DisplayPort, but the DisplayPort is hardware compatible with HDMI, which means you can use a passive (read: cheap) adapter.

DisplayPort is more capable than HDMI anyway.

I thought I’d have real trouble getting used to the abbreviated keyboard. I ended up buying the Lenovo N585 which is 15.5", dumping the Win 8, and enjoying the extra wrist support, number pad, and full row of function keys.

I did order one of the Samsung Chromebooks from Staples. I’ll do my best to enjoy it.

Agree with the above. Hate the new keyboard without the mouse buttons (flat “buttons” respond poorly). Doesn’t look like Lenovo is going back to it anytime soon last I checked (I hope I’m wrong). Tempting to buy this, just have never bought a woot refurb computer. (The 2 year protection plan is $79.99–might actually buy this).

I’m thinking of getting this for my 7 year old as a flash game/light Minecraft computer for her. Anyone every try Minecraft on this machine?

I don’t have any other machines with that Intel 3000 chip in it, so I really don’t have a go-by…


You had me at bludgeon. Thanks for the thorough post!