Lenovo T420 14.1" Intel i5 2.5GHz Laptop

I’ve had two very good experiences with Woot refurb computers. If I was your buyer, we would be getting this one.

But, realistically there will be more better/different ones coming along if you’re still a little leery :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your contributions!

And we have Intel making a difference:
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Does anyone know how the graphics card is in this? Will it play high bit rate video without missing frames and stuttering? Thank you in advance.

Thinkpad T420 Product Support

Thinkpad T420 User Guide

I’ve got two one’s an Acer 720 and the other a 14" HP Woot refurb. I guess I need to update my successful Woot refurb computers to (3)three.

I like them, they’re lightweight and a great travel or secondary machine. I use the Acer 720 in my bedroom as an internet radio basically. The bigger 14" HP I take into my werk at the ranch because it’s lighter to haul around.

One has to “think different” though to use Chromebooks for editing docs and such, but I’ve been plugging along nicely. When your Samsung gets there, please feel free to PM me and I’ll do my best to help you if you run into problems.

I’d be in for one if only they would include the built-in webcam and internal Bluetooth adapter. Have never seen a T420 refurb offered with those options included in the specs. What’s up with that?

Will this run Windows 8.1?

Yes, you will just need to buy a copy.

I’ll try that again. Do you think more, better than this, for this price or close or maybe even better???

I’ve used this T420 as well as its successor T430 for work. With the exception of the Chiclet keyboard and updated screen, they weren’t different spec-wise.

I personally didn’t have anything against the Chiclet keyboard. I felt they were a little softer than the older one that this T420 has. Probably because of the curved nature of the keys but it had great travel was a lot quieter. Its also a heck of lot easier to replace. On the plus side the Chiclet keyboard is better at handling spills.

I’d recommend the extended battery and SSD in place of its spindle drive. Download the drivers and/or copy them to a flash drive before you wipe out the drive. The installers for drivers are sitting in a folder in root (Typically C:\IBM) in most cases.

The current gen T430 has changed the touchpad and eliminated the physical trackpad (top) buttons which makes it bigger but the purists are up in arms about that change. There could’ve been another way to have achieved the goald of bigger touchpad without sacrificing the physical buttons like making the spacebar smaller and inserting the trackpad buttons in the middle or to either side of it.

I can’t add to the conversation about the T420 but I am typing this on my T430s which was a replacement for my T500. I do know the T420’s keyboard is a bit louder (as others have said) than my current model but otherwise the people at work with the T420 are satisfied. I am beyond happy with the current model as I was the T500.

I just meant that there will be more computer deals coming along. Perhaps some will be better, perhaps some will be different.

This did NOT come with the fingerprint reader… BOO!

Old post redacted.

Needed a driver installed for video. Control key works! (I’m a dummy and was hitting the function key the whole time)

Battery came in DOA, however metropc (company that did the refurb) is supplying another one.

Now the computer’s great!

Got mine about a week ago. Very nice! Open easily accessable RAM slot on bottom so I will add another 4Gb soon. No fingerprint reader but it does have Bluetooth and a camera!

Have it set up to dual boot Win7 and Linux mint cinnamon.

Love it so far!

I am not able to get this to even charge. I assumed it was a voltage issue, as I am living abroad, but even with a converter it isn’t working. When I plug it in- the green battery light blinks 3 times, holds longer green for a 4th, blinks again and then goes off. Any ideas??