Lenovo T420 14.1" Intel i5 2.5GHz Laptop

Be very wary of Lenovo laptops. If you are wondering why, just Google “Lenovo Superfish”

If you buy this laptop, make sure you reformat it before using it.

The Superfish software was only installed on consumer-grade computers. This is a business-grade computer.

Thinkpad T420 Product Support

Thinkpad T420 User Guide

1366x768 resolution. Ugh. I just got an HP ProBook from some site with egg in its title for the same price but with a 1600x900 resolution and 8 GB RAM. Higher resolution=less scrolling!

320 Hard drive…piece of CRAP

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Superfish was never installed by Lenovo on any ThinkPad laptops. Furthermore, this ThinkPad was made before Lenovo started installing superfish on the consumer grade laptops. Sorry buddy, but your argument is invalid. http://www.quickmeme.com/img/a5/a5230576e231d67edaf91304e1bcad2175574e742a3e4474d971d9bfb8bb01d2.jpg