Lenovo T420 14.1" Intel i5 2.5GHz Laptop

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Lenovo T420 14.1" Intel i5 2.5GHz Laptop
Price: $259.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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CPU Benchmarks

Time to learn all about the processor

so displayport is the new hdmi for video output? I assume a simple dp to hdmi adapter is out there and available.

I would use this for flash games, email, basic internet, and streaming video to my tv. does anyone forsee any issues with this laptop for such minimal use?

No issues with the use that you are describing.

Yes, it’s just a passive cable or a passive DP-HDMI adapter.

Would this be a good candidate to install Ubuntu or ElementaryOS on?

One word says all I need to know. Superfish

[MOD: That was on consumer-grade computersonly. This is a business class computer.]

Superfish is not an issue on Lenovo enterprise class machines.

Perhaps the issue is not Superfish per se, but rather the ethics and general thinking of a company that would engage in such behavior?

15 dollars off the Amazon refurbished price. What happened to the deals?

I have this computer as my company provided laptop - ours has a smaller SSD. Used exclusively for access to our servers and service documentation, on a daily basis. It has very good battery life and plenty of power for all the uses I have ever needed, only issue has been the display has deteriorated with time.

On Amazon:


Bought this exact model the last time Woot offered it. To my extreme disappointment, when it arrived, I discovered it only had a 160GB HD. Woot offered me a measly 30 bucks for my trouble. I didn’t want to go through the hassle of returning it so I kept it.After adding 4GB of RAM and an ultrabay HD caddy plus HD, it’s a useable laptop.

[MOD: Sorry for the problems with the HD. You were offered a partial refund to help you upgrade it or to return the laptop. It was an oversight during the reconditioning. We’ve sold hundreds of these had no other complaints about this problem.]

Hey all. I see some discussion on Superfish. That was installed for a LIMITED time on consumer notebooks only.

This laptop is a business class laptop and is not affected.

You might want to read Lenovo’s Statement on Superfish for the official word.

An excerpt:

To be clear: Lenovo never installed this software on any ThinkPad notebooks, nor any desktops, tablets, smartphones or servers; and it is no longer being installed on any Lenovo device.


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A different matter and one I understand.

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