Lenovo T420 14" Intel i5 Laptop

Is this a 5 year old laptop??

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Isn’t this the model with the great keyboard? I hate the chicklet keyboards!!!

I’ve purchased a couple of the 420s models recently. I’m pretty sure they are a few years old, but I would say for the price they work pretty good. I got mine from a seller on Amazon for $250. They’re good machines if you’re looking for something to run productivity apps and web/email.

Are these the original batteries? Or are they a new battery included.

I have a 420s as my corporate laptop. It is just the slimmer version of this. Battery life isn’t great, but IT replaced the DVD drives with an Ultrabay battery and with that it will last almost 4 hours now. I don’t think that’s an option on the regular 420 though.

FWIW, it is older but doesn’t seem to have any issues running Windows 10 with Outlook, Excel, and several Chrome tabs open at once. The version I use also has 8GB RAM, but has a 128GB SSD.

Actually, I think the original T420 is older than that - Google shows it coming out in February 2011.

However, I doubt this incarnation is that old and if my initial browsing is correct (Disclaimer: It might not be - it’s early and I haven’t had nearly enough coffee yet to function optimally!) it most likely dates to 2014(ish).

My substantially identical 420i will be 5 years old in a couple of weeks. It is a workhorse, with a rock-solid case, excellent keyboard, and more-than-adequate screen. BUT the Lenovo hard drive failed twice within the first 2 years, the first time under warranty, the second time not. The Toshiba HD that replaced the second one is running like a top, fingers crossed.

I don’t see it in the specs, but does this have an HDMI port?

Probably not. Lenovo: Support for a external monitor is through VGA DB-15 connector.

Lenovo Detailed Specs

But I believe this might solve the problem: VGA DB15 to HDMI Converter

I got a refurbished T420 last year on woot, and the battery was basically DOA. Good computer, however.

Thanks for the information and lesson. I am now smarter than a while ago. Have a good day, sir.

It has a DisplayPort as well. I’d probably use an Dport to HDMI adapter before the VGA.

My T420 and T520 have a VGA and right next to it a DVI-P port. We use these at the client I support to drive dual monitors. They are a work horse and if you upgrade to an SSD drive you will be pleased with the response. And yes these have the loved original keyboard.

Batteries are tested and replaced if needed.

What was so “loved” about the original KB?

It’s got a nubbin!

I got mine and upon arrival it only last about an hour on battery life. Will have to replace that.