Lenovo T450 Intel Core i5 Notebooks

Lenovo T450 Intel Core i5 Notebooks

Definitely going to need the SSD to make this work.

Easy enough to put an SSD in there, but wish they’d sell these with the option of the higher-res screen, which is not something you can easily change later…

Am I missing something, it looks like these machines have SSD but the two comments above seem to imply that they don’t?

Sorry to be a cliché but would this be a good first computer for a tween? Who basically just wants low-res video games (Undertale) and YouTube?

LOL. Yes, these already come with SSD. Guess they needed their coffee.

Is 12gb the max ram it can hold or can we upgrade to 16gb?

These can support up to 2-sticks of 8GB PC3-12800 SO-DIMM DDR3 RAM. 16GB total.

Yeah, the 1366 x 768 res keeps killing these laptop deals for me.

These have a low res screen (not able to display 1080 video) and a weak graphics processor (runs games poorly or not at all). They might be good for your grandma or your mother who only wants to do email, facebook and print recipes.

They might also be useful as a cheap work computer for someone who only has to do email and look at the company info portal. Probably not good for doing spreadsheets because you couldn’t see very many columns.

They don’t have a backlit keyboard.

They are fairly lightweight.

Thanks, very helpful.