Lenovo ThinkCentre M58P Intel USFF Desktop

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Lenovo ThinkCentre M58P Intel USFF Desktop
Price: $109.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Is this a good computer for like just playing MKV files to a TV?

So that I’m first on this… yes, you can purchase a Displayport to DVI adapter cable from Amazon. Also a Displayport to HDMI cable. And a Displayport to VGA cable.

Yes, Displayport rocks.

I’m thinking this would be great as a DIY firewall between your WAN and home wireless. Think of it: no unwanted ads on any device, in any application.

Buy a license of Windows 7 Pro OEM for $99.99 and get a small computer to use with it for only $10!

The Good:

  • It’s difficult to find a computer running Windows 7 Pro for this cheap.
  • It has an Intel processor (not AMD).

The Bad:

  • It’s Intel circa January 2008. At least it was one of the fastest chips available 8+ years ago.

  • I’d expect it to feel slow because of the specs. I don’t know if I’d invest heavily in upgrading a $110 computer (but I’m going to tell you how anyway).

What can you do with it:

  • Simple stuff like web browsing, documents and spreadsheets, and apparently gaming. I found this on YouTube.

  • If you have an SSD laying around you could infuse some speed by swapping out the 7200 RPM HDD for an SSD.

  • It has a single 4GB RAM module and a free slot, so you could double the RAM for a noticeable performance improvement. Ask your favorite RAM vendor for help finding an appropriate chip. I’d expect it to be about $20. Here’s one from Crucial (no affiliate link).

  • Supported Resolutions and Max Refresh Rates (Hz):
    Up to 2560x1600 @ 60Hz (DP)
    Up to 1920x1200 @ 60Hz (DVI & VGA)
    Up to 1600x1200 @ 85Hz (VGA only)
    External connectors: VGA, DisplayPort

More Info:
Here are the Tech Specs from Lenovo. (PDF)

I got the M58P Lenovo (tower version) on Ebay with this deal (but with 16gb RAM and a 2TB disk for $259) I believe, I’m using it now. IMNOF (in my humble old fart) opinion it is the best pc i’ve ever had.

The ‘refurb’ is done great, Windows 7 pro is loaded with NO JUNK, and it is very fast (for me). Looks practically new. It has Microsoft stickers all over it and the accompanying Windows 7 disk; software and machine serial numbers are official.

I imagine this one is just as good but with less memory and disk space.

It is an older pc with no special new ports.


It will play H.264 with hardware decoding, not sure on H.265 hardware decoded… but it has a strong enough passmark for 1080P H.265 10-bit purely on the CPU… at least with OpenELEC

You may or may not need a PCIE bracket (hopefully it takes PCIE, then you can stick whatever decent Intel Dual/Quad NIC you want in it).

The TDP is a little high, but the cost of other bits would certainly offset building your own rig (MB/CPU/case/RAM/etc).

You’re right…but unfortunately audio over display port is not supported in this model. So this display port doesn’t rock quite as well as it should.

M58/M58p does not support audio over DisplayPort.

As a mediacenter this isn’t a very good choice. 1) the display port doesn’t carry audio 2) There is no PCIe slot, so you can’t put a real video card in there. If you add a videocard you would be using an old legacy PCI lower profile card (there was actually one available on Newegg for $80, with a 2/5 rating), that would definitely be slower than your onboard graphics. Slower than the old AGP standard.


The CPU is the strongest thing this has to offer.

This is what I’m using for a desktop. I installed a Nvidia GeForce 210, upgraded the memory to 8gb, and put in a used $15 Intel Q9650 3 ghz quad core processor.It isn’t screaming by any means but I can play Diablo 3 at full settings with no issues, and I run Protools LE 8 up to around 24 tracks before I run out of CPU power. I paid $80 for my refurbished unit almost 3 years ago. The HD failed almost immediately so I put in a 750gb Hitachi ultrastar I had laying around. This price seems high. But these Lenove SFF are a good base if you’re looking for somehthing simple that is cheap to upgrade with used parts. But, you can spend $200 more and get something that will vastly out perform it.I also didn’t mention that with the cheap graphics card I installed I have a HDMI out and have no issues connecting to my 52 inch Samsung for Netflix and movies.

I use it as my Plex Media Server, so yes. There’s a Display Port if your TV has it, or an analog. I use a VGA cable and everything looks fine at 1080p.
Mine runs Ubuntu instead of Windows, but I’ve got Windows 7 in a virtual machine.

Eassy…you have the SFF (small form factor), this is the USFF (ultra small form factor). You can’t add anything but and old school slim legacy PCI video card to this and even then it’s not worth the expense. The small form factors are really decent machines because they come cheap yet you can still upgrade them somewhat. The ultra small form factors are basically a work station and that’s about it.

Almost :slight_smile: You can put a E8600 in. Runs at 3.33 GHz. But honestly, you probably won’t feel the difference.

I work at home and am on a computer ALL DAY and NIGHT sometimes! My computer is going very slow lately, but I noticed it only has 1.40 Ghz. Would this desktop be a lot faster, as I’m not a computer whiz (nothing about them) - just type on them 24/7. This is a 3.0 Ghz - is that the processing speed? Please, someone let me know. Would this be a good backup or even maybe a switch towers from my HP? Thx. Any remarks would be appreciated

On your current computer, go to your system properties and find out what the name of your processor is. The speed doesn’t tell the whole story, because newer processors are more efficient.

In the old days, GHz is a good indicator of performance. However, that is no longer true.

How old is your computer?

Although what’s on sale here is a 8 year old system, it’ll handle most of what you need if you are just doing word processing.

And you have to maintain your PC to keep it running smoothly. Like defragging. Unless you system has a Solid State Drive (SSD). This one has a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and needs to be defragged once in a while.

For $20 more this Shuttle is a far better computer Shuttle SG41J4 XPC Desktop, Intel E5800 3.2GHz Dual-Core, 4GB DDR3, 250GB SATA, Win7HP 64-Bit This is upgradeable, easier to work on and can take a full size video card if needed yet is still a smaller form factor. Even though the processor is a little slower E5800 vs E8400, the actual perfomance difference is only about 14% (passmark 1907 vs passmark 2179). If both systems had an SSD the performance difference would be practically indistinguishable.