Lenovo ThinkCentre M700 PC & T2224z 21.5" Monitor Bundle

Why doesnt this computer have a VGA plug in the back?

Just arrived. HDMI isn’t connecting to either video output available it says “P” and looks like an HDMI. There is no VGA output.

This computer does not have VGA or HDMI.

From the specs:

You can read more about DisplayPort here:

I got the computer.
I got the monitor.
I got a VGA cord.
I got NO WAY to connect the two.
What am I suppose to do???
Am I missing parts?

Hmmmm, that wasn’t thought out very well.

Lenovo should have the cable you need. Have you tried contacting them directly?

Same issue with the display. How did you all solve this?

i think u just need to buy a cable. its kind of ridiculous that woot/lenovo didnt include it