Lenovo ThinkCentre M700 Tiny Desktops

Bought the i5 version last time around. Upgraded to 16 Gb of memory. Set it up for my son with physical disabilities. The Tiny form factor allows us to place the computer on his desk, where he can reach it. He has access to the power button and the USB 3.0 ports on the front, something that is difficult to accomplish with even SFF computers because of his limited reach from his wheelchair. It is far more powerful than a Windows tablet in the same price range (we already had a monitor, and this came with a keyboard and a mouse). This runs all of his school programs (basically, Microsoft Office and Dragon Naturally Speaking) and all of his military and sports simulations on Steam. He hasn’t complained about the graphics, but he doesn’t play any first person shooters, either.

This can be a great tool for someone with limited reach/dexterity, or someone with space constraints, or both. It is working well for us.

Amazing the power you can get in a small desktop computer today.

Everything that you want to know from a guy that received one of these a couple of weeks ago.

Hey Gang,

I purchased the i5 with 128gb SSD last week. Hopefully this answers some of the questions you may have.

  • The MTM Model is 10HYS0NE00
  • Came with Windows 10 Home Edition Preinstalled
  • Came with a USB Keyboard and a USB Optical Mouse
  • The 128gb SSD is SATA even though there is an available m2 port.
  • m700 came with a stand to hold it upright
  • m700 came with antenna for wireless card. This screws onto the post on the back of the m700
  • I upgraded the RAM to 16gb. There are 2 slots available and it can hold up to 32gb (2x16gb). RAM was purchased from Crucial and worked just fine
  • If you register your product with Lenovo, you can download recovery media to restore Windows 10 Home via USB if you hose something. It also tracks your warranty which is nice.
  • I purchased a Displayport to HDMI cable on amazon. I can confirm that it DOES pass audio and video and both sound and video look great on a flatscreen TV via HDMI.
  • Since I’m using this as a home theater pc, I wanted a good wireless keyboard/mouse. Bought this guy on Amazon and it works great.

Now onto the nerdy stuff. I managed to install Windows 7 on this computer. Works great now but I had to jump through a few hoops to get things installed.

  • First, before anything upgrade the BIOS to the latest version. You can do this using Lenovo System Update which is preinstalled.
  • In the BIOS, you have to make a couple of changes. First, under Devices > USB Legacy Support set to [Enable]. Next, under Devices > USB Virtual KBC Support set to [Enable]. Finally you may have to Enable Legacy UEFI in the BIOS if not set to [Enable] already. Without doing all of this, you won’t be able to use a keyboard and mouse when you load the Windows 7 installation from a bootable USB.
  • Now the painful stuff - first, you need to obtain LEGIT copy of Windows 7 media. I owned a copy of Windows 7 Professional that I had in ISO format. Create a bootable USB drive with the Windows 7 installation files. For this, I used the Rufus utility and selected my Windows 7 ISO file. No problems there.
  • Don’t try to install Windows 7 just yet because the m700 won’t allow it until you do 2 more things. First, the partitions that are preinstalled on the provided harddrive cannot be recognized by the Windows 7 installation media. I had to create a bootable USB drive using the free version of Partition Wizard. I booted to this USB drive and using the wizard I deleted the existing IBM partitions. I then created a NTFS partition and saved. The second gotcha is the the Windows 7 bootable USB that you just created doesn’t have a storage driver that can be used to recognize the drive. This means that when you load the Windows 7 setup files from USB, it will say no drive detected. To resolve this, use the WindowsImageTool which edits your just created Bootable USB Windows 7 drive by adding all of the necessary storage drivers. Both of these steps are covered in this forum post: English Community-Lenovo Community

Once you handle all of these gotchas you can load Windows 7 on your m700. With upgraded RAM and the SSD, it absolutely flies. I travel quite a bit for work and this pc is perfect for watching my movies/tv shows on the hotel tv. I also hook it up to the hotel wireless for netflix use as well.

I picked up one of these when they showed up a couple weeks ago, thinking I’d use it as a little browsing box.

I actually use it full time when I need a break from gaming as my development and database rig. This is a lot of juice packed into a tiny little living sp…err…box.

I was a little shocked it was display port only and no hdmi. But…simple solution to a simple problem.

computer really is great ( I got the i5 version a few weeks ago ) but 4GB of RAM is a bad joke.

I already have put in a 16GB stick and might even go to 32.

Also I did get an M.2-2280 SATA SSD for the M.2 slot an plan to use the normal SATA slot for a data HDD.

Anyone knows if a 9.5mm HDD fits or if it only take 7mm?