Lenovo Thinkcentre M70E Intel SFF Desktop

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Lenovo Thinkcentre M70E Intel SFF Desktop
Price: $79.99
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This is less expensive than a windows 7 home premium license.

Can this be ungraded to Windows 10?

All Windows 7 licenses are eligible for an upgrade I believe.

However, not all computers can be. My brother-in-laws pc didn’t pass the system analysis.

Okay, so it’s eligible for the Windows upgrade. Does it have sufficient resources to run Windows 10? (More than just the bare minimum?)

Chances are the video will not work with 10. I got a much newer HP here and it doesn’t pass the Windows 10 video test.

Even if it does pass the requirements for Win 10, chances are something this old is going to be a real dog. I’ve got a family member with a similarly-spec’d computer and it is just shockingly slow, both in Win 7 and Win 10.

If anything, upgrading to 10 actually made it more responsive, but the difference is like moving from a snail to a sloth.

For this price, it might be good for some lighter distro of Linux, but even that would be pushing it IMHO.

Processor Info
CPU Benchmarks

If you’re looking for a machine to do basic functions with, such as email, typing documents or pulling pictures off a camera… This is a decent machine and should handle that easily, just don’t expect it to be too speedy.

At best, toss in another 25$ for the cord, and you’ve got a slim machine to hook up to your TV. Some of us still have “dumb” TV’s, but even if you do have a smart TV, you could stream directly from a website that doesn’t have an app on your tv.

It’s possible, but may not be worth the effort and cost, to upgrade this so it’ll handle more tasks. Lenovo first released this form back in 2010, and the tech is similarly aged. So many of the connections won’t fit newer hardware.

Closing thoughts/tl;dr:
Don’t expect a cheetah, but you can expect a chicken. This chicken will cross the road and get the job done as long as you’re not expecting it to do 6 other things on the way.

It’s also not worth trying to upgrade. Besides, have you ever tried to upgrade the hard drive in a chicken? It’s NOT pretty!

No, this computer cannot be upgraded to windows 10.

The motherboard and processor are the primary issues here, as they are not equipped to handle some of the tasks and functions required by windows 10.

That would require halfway-decent video, and from others’ previous comments, it sounds like that may not be the case here.

Is there a disk to reinstall?

Is there a disk to reinstall Windows?

I have bought two Win-7 referb’s off of WOOT. BOTH were former Windows VISTA POC’s that had been loaded with Win-7. The first one turned out to be loaded with bootleg Win-7 and eventually had to be scrapped for parts, the second one has a legal copy of Win-7 Pro, but hangs up all the time.

BTW: They never send a disk. If you are lucky, they will have a Genuine Win-7 tag on them and MS will help, otherwise your up the creek with a boat anchor.

As several have mentioned, these are OLD machines and, unless you know everything about PC’s, don’t plan on Win-10 running in them.

the answer is YES!

It is possible, the motherboard does have a PCI-Express x16 slot (though the case only fits “low-profile” cards and the 240W PSU will limit you to low-end cards) and since it is a Wolfdale Pentium it should support Wofdale and Yorkdale Core2Duo/Core2Quad CPUs (though cooling and PSU would likely be an issue with a quad) but at this point you would be over $200 with the cost of the system and upgrades (with used parts), which could buy you a newer, higher-spec referb/off-lease system that would preform even better.

could throw a E5450 quad xeon in there for an additional 25ish? main issue will be new power supply and video card though not sure if its worth it, could have a neat system when its all said and done.

This has a passmark of about 1750. That’s pretty decent considering the age of the system. RAM at 4gb is workable. Your best money would be to add an ssd and clone the OS to the ssd. Then get a cheap video card so they your not sharing system RAM. between a 250gb ssd and a cheap video card you’ll spend about $110 and it will be faster than most budget systems you buy today. It has plenty of power to upgrade to Windows 10. For those that don’t realize that w10 has a smaller resource footprint than w8.1 which has a smaller resource footprint than w7. The only thing that might be an issue in upgrading is missing drivers. I’ve always found a way to make these old systems work on w8.1, with a little effort w10 should be able to install. Usually the old video driver is the biggest problem, but if you’re adding a video card, that won’t be an issue.