Lenovo ThinkCentre M73 Tiny PC

Lenovo ThinkCentre M73 Tiny PC

Buy the cheapest one for $129.99, then go buy a Kingston A400 SSD 480GB for $49.99 (at time of writing this). Total price $179.98 (before tax). Or be not smart and get the 240GB SSD PC for $189.99.

With the $10.01 that you save you can buy a 2.5in external enclosure and put that 320Gb HDD in it.

Sometimes these prices just don’t make any sense, please do your research before buying.


Agree with the above strategy, but hate Kingston SSDs. You say potato, etc. I got two of these last time and they perform very well for Office stuff and Internet use. There is a bracket available from Lenovo to mount them to the back of any monitor with VESA holes, which makes these into zero footprint devices.

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Nice small PCs. They have display port adapters, so if you order one you might want to also consider ordering a display port to HDMI cable to make this tiny PC much more useful.

CPU specs make this not really useful for my needs but it probably wouldnt be a horrid streaming client/web browser.

I agree that buying the hard drive versions (like the cheapest) and then upgrade it with an SSD will give you bigger bang for the buck. But there is the issue of time - and I would rather spend the time for upgrading to do something else like playing with my kid. That’s priceless!

Hey if you get the time to do the swapping and upgrade - go for it! Too many tings going on for me.

I bought one of these last time they went on sale and am extremely happy with the value.

Let me preface this to say I bought it just to have a always on Windows 10 PC in the house, my primary computer is a MacBook Air Retina and it’s primary use is to run Chrome or whatever random Windows program I want to use or keep running at home when I am not using my Mac.

But for that it runs as well if not much better than my husband’s much beefier spec-PC out of the box for basic computing as it is not loaded with bloatware.

If this is not going to be your primary computer and gets light usage by all means do not hesitate to pick this up.