Lenovo Thinkcentre M83 Intel i5 MT Desktop

Do these allow free Windows 10 upgrade?

It’s probable, but you can read more here.

Commenting here for others who may have purchased this (or for posterity if nobody else comes here looking for answers).

Received ours quickly but it was missing the DVD drive (I’ll assume that was a fluke) AND it only has a 1 year warranty. Woot support/customer service took care of us regarding the DVD drive but stuck to their guns about the warranty being 3 years as is listed on the deal.

Lenovo is sticking to their guns and says woot needs to contact them with proof of purchase. Fascinating. I’ll update with additional comments if there is a resolution.

Woot is now telling me that they can’t do anything about the warranty issue because they already issued me a credit. I told them that the credit was because my system was MISSING THE DVD DRIVE (only I didn’t yell at them) and they offered the credit.

Anybody else showing a 1 year warranty? Lenovo has software on the system that will tell you what warranty you have and how long it is for.

Finally got them to track down their error. Everybody who purchased should have received an e-mail notifying them of the mistake and offering a return. I doubt anybody will mess with the hassle.