Lenovo ThinkPad 11" 11E-G3 Intel i3 Notebook

Can anyone comment on the battery life of this model? (I mean specifically, this i3-6100U model, not the older Celeron N2940 model).

Bought this model on woot a couple of weeks ago. Haven’t yet run her to full empty before plugging her in though. Right now windows showing 90% and an estimated 8 hours.

Specs I found on another site that sells these says up to 11.5 hours. I doubt that’s true based on the exaggerations of most manufacturers. I found a review that said it’s good for 8 hours.

I’m awfully tempted to replace my son’s 11e-G2 that has an AMD processor with this. This i3 is far superior than the AMD he has now.

So I ended up buying one to replace the older AMD quad core Gen 2 version. The i3 is faster as expected. It’s much better overall. I find myself thinking that it’s good enough that I don’t mind using it. The AMD version wasn’t bad, just not on par with my personal and work laptops. This i3 might still be a step behind my other computers but it’s close and well worth the money.