Lenovo ThinkPad 11" 11E-G3 Intel i3 Notebook

Lenovo ThinkPad 11" 11E-G3 Intel i3 Notebook

This same unit is actually $1 less on the mother ship. That said, I love my Thinkpad P50


Just a word of caution. Unless something has changed since I bought my ThinkPad off Woot several years ago, Woot is not an authorized retailer for Lenovo computers. That is important if you ever have a warranty claim. I bought a ThinkPad 11e two years ago and had a bit of a hassle with a warranty issue because of this. Otherwise, my ThinkPad works great and I use it at work every day.

We are an authorized reseller. Just make sure you register your computer when you receive it. Thank you!

Can we do better on price? Again would like one but found on for a dollar less. Not sure if it’s the same, looks like it looking at specs.

We’re looking into it.


Hey, look at the new price! Go buy ALL the Lenovo computers,

Could you zap the 10.1% Seattle sales tax for me too.?
That would be grrrrreaaaate…

I’d suggest you start by talking to your Seattle/WA legislators. :stuck_out_tongue:

This unit does NOT have a Trackpoint (joystick pointing device between G and H on keyboard, three buttons). If you are a Trackpoint fan and dislike trackpads, you will be disappointed.

I made the mistake of assuming that all “Thinkpad” branded computers would have a Trackpoint, but I won’t make the mistake again.

No income tax in WA, so that would be a tough sell! (remember, someone has to pay for the privilege of hosting Amazon!)
Vancouver WA, the best of both worlds, cross into Portland for no sales tax, and they pump your gas for you!!

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If this was closer to $300 i would buy it. There are too many other deals out there at this time of year at that price range.

Yup, that’s my issue too. Costco is running some great deals, but this will be around the same price after Black Friday. I would go for this for $300 (refurbs are less, without an OS), but 4 sales in 12 hours shows that it’s not making it.