Lenovo ThinkPad 11.6" Quad-Core Notebook

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Lenovo ThinkPad 11.6" Quad-Core Notebook
Price: $199.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Monday, Feb 01 to Thursday, Feb 04) + transit
Condition: New


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Lemme just save us some repetitive comments from the previous woots on this item.

Yes it will play minecraft.

No it won’t play diablo 3.

Yes 4gb is enough, however you can upgrade using the one slot by switching the 4 to an 8gb piece for about $35 USD.

Yes the wireless sucks, but you can either use a USB dongle or get the latest drivers to resolve.

The keyboard is small, the back feels funny but grips strong.

All laptop companies suck, so no need for a “the Acme I had 5 years ago runs great!” conversations.

This is a laptop for children or students, it will browse and do office projects just fine.

It does NOT come with MS Office, it WILL work as a media streamer, and the SSD and the genuine windows makes the price worth it by itself.

Yes it is a good deal, however the AMD one benchmarks slightly better.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

This thing again? You just ran it yesterday in the woot-off and Im pretty sure you ran it last week too. I long for the good old days of Woot-offs when BigD ran them instead of this automated crap that Woot has now.

I missed the Yoga version of the 11e when it was sold a few days ago. It showed up again on yesterday’s Computers Woot-Off so I benefited from the repeat item.

Yea, this thing was up the day before the woot-off. Then Again only a few hours into the woot-off. AAAaaannd agin now.

What do you mean the wireless sucks?

The wireless driver that comes installed on the laptop seems to have issues with certain wireless routers/access points. To correct this you can change the driver (I don’t have the laptop so I don’t know if you need to roll it back or update it) or you can buy a usb wireless dongle and use that instead. If you are comfortable doing one of those two things wireless will no longer “suck”. From my point of view/level of expertise it wouldn’t stop me from purchasing it but YMMV.

I have two of them and rolling back the driver works fine. My kids are always playing Minecraft online with them.

Forgot to buy this a week or so ago when it was w00ted the first time. Glad this showed up during the wootoff – and glad they had this spec rather than the Yoga (though I’m sure the yoga has shown up and will show up again…)

I love my Sager. My Dell i9300 was a beast in it’s day. My ROG Asus isn’t as super as either.

Can you expand on “roll back”? Is this away from a microsoft driver to an intel or vice versa?

I bought this one about a month ago and had a problem with having to re-sync the wireless with my router whenever I would power down the laptop. I returned the settings to the factory defaults over a week ago and the wireless connection has been fine since then.

Curious why you think this spec is better than the yoga. Same motherboard and processor but for 69.00 you get a touch screen and tablet functionality. I bought the 11e and then the yoga came out on woot.com and I regretted the purchase

I received my Thinkpad 11e a week ago from a previous sale.
This is not only a “Thinkpad” the most famous Laptop model out there but a slightly hardened Education version designed to be more durable than the average laptop.
Performance is fine for what it is (a small, hardened, light inexpensive laptop) and the size makes it all the more usable and it is also the perfect size/weight for a travel take along.
This is a great small Laptop for the Price, but it is not a game machine as several people have already mentioned.
I installed Evernote Touch (to allow Evernote clipping from the built in (to windows 10) Microsoft Edge Web browser) and Office 2016/365 and I still have about half my Drive space left.
I have had no problems with Wifi connections to my Comcast/Xfinity wireless router and all the installs were done over wifi.
If I had not purchased 3 already I would probably buy another. I am keeping one, I sold one to a good friend at my cost and the third is for my younger brother.
The Yoga version is also a great option for those who want a little more versatility with the touch screen display but it is not for sale today.
I have already added a 500 GB travel USB hard drive to it to store larger files and photos and I plan to install Crashplan Backup software (subscription required) to keep all my important files backed up to the Cloud from the SSD drive and the external USB drive.