Lenovo ThinkPad 11.6" Quad-Core Notebook

Regarding the “Some Items May be Missing” statement. Will the battery and charger be included, or could they be missing as well?

Not entirely sure. If we had a more specific answer; we’d have listed it.

Description says: “Some non-essential items may be missing from the box.” IMO the battery and charger are pretty damn essential

Im taking the chance, for the price of a windows 10 pro key , still seems worth it.

The title also says only non crucial items may not be included. I would think the charger would be considered important and is likely included.

Did NOT come with Win 10 Pro… came with Win 8.1 Refurb key that doesn’t even work… I thought this was “NEW”, why does it have a refurb OS?

Same here - Win 8.1 instead of 10 Pro, the key is for a refurbished OS install and appears to have been already used. I can’t even activate the version of Windows that is installed making this basically useless.

nosredna & CWarriorX: I’m very sorry for the problems. Please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.

Same windows 8 refurb product key problem here. Also, the processor isn’t Intel, but actually AMD… AMD A4-6210 to be exact

Oh man, bummer. If you haven’t, please send your situation and order details to CS at support@woot.com or using the “support” link at the top of the page. Sorry for the mix-up!

I still have yet to recieve mine but the post above are certainly not comforting.

please let us know what kind of resolution you guys get so we should know what to expect.

I was offered a $20 refund to “have the issue fixed locally” or the option to return for a full refund. As Windows 10 Pro (or any valid Windows license) costs more than $20 I chose the latter option.

Ditto here. Win 8.1 Pro is installed and the refurb key is NG. The good news is that mine has an AMD A4-6210 CPU, but it’s a minor consolation without a valid product key…

Received mine yesterday, also has an AMD A4-6210 APU with AMD Radeon R3 Graphics 1.80 GHz instead of the advertised Intel Celeron N2940 1.83GHz (Burst up to 2.25GHz) 2MB L2 Cache. The Windows 8.1 for refurb PCs product key (bottom of PC) doesn’t work either, PC was advertised as coming with Win10Pro. What’s with all the inconsistencies WOOT? It’s a real shame since it’s a nice notebook. Has anyone been offered a solution which involves receiving a valid product key sent to them via mail, that will work when registering?

Hopefully this may help some out. While I am dissapointed this is not the Intel that was stated you are not out of luck.

This PC did come with windows 10 PRO at one point indicated by the sticker on the back. win 10 uses didgital entitlements not product keys.

to resolve the issue;

Boot the PC up, skip product key.

when updates come up windows 10 should show, download and install it. This should resolve the issue.(keep in mind I followed the USB install to save time) I would reccomend you do so as well.

I used one of my already created usb installers created with windows media creation tool from;

install win 10 as an upgrade, and it will automatically update and activate once install is complete.

your set!

now why did woot/refurbisher not do this and instead elect to add non working win 8.1 keys is beyond me. Hopefully someone diddnt pay for those keys.

So if, in the future, you need to reinstall Windows10, what do you use for a product key? Or isn’t one necessary? Is the AMD chip not as good as the Celeron?

I’m really disappointed with this turn of events, as mine has just arrived.

This may just be my last woot, as this is not the first I’ve had an issue with the description not matching the product.

i emailed CS, still no reply.

if you need to reinstall win 10 use the link provided to create the USB install drive for Windows 10 with the media tool. Once installed it is auto activated.(because windows 10 has already been activated at one time on this pc)

The key is attached to the hardware, there are no more product keys for Win10 unless you bought a physical key

Thanks for your response. I haven’t done any upgrades or purchases since the start of Win7, so I’m a bit behind.

They also weren’t sold as refurbs, they were sold as open box, so there shouldn’t have been anything but the original Win10 on them, at least to my understanding of the description…very irritating…

Mine still had RMA numbers on the outside of the box in addition to it being refurbished. I am guessing that this was an refurbished item that was returned and then sold as open box…

Contacting support due to the same issues listed above.