Lenovo ThinkPad 11.6" Quad-Core Notebook

What is the operating system for this?

the last time around they came with win 8.1 preloaded so you could download win 10 through the update to activate win 10.

most of us had used a usb drive to install win 10 and get it activated that way(win 10 activates after install) since it was already preloaded at one point.

I can only assume this was done to wipe the machines after being returned, though why they did win 8 and not 10 i have no idea.

This was my experience about a month ago when buying this version. I am not sure if this is still the case as far as what will come loaded.

from the others that posted they seemed to have gotten perfect condition models as well no scratch/dings etc

still a great Deal even if you have to spend the time upgrading it yourself.

you can expect all necessary cables (charger) to be included as well

I just got a refund for this one.

I didn’t ask for it.
What’s going on Woot??

Same here; would like to know what is going on.