Lenovo ThinkPad 11.6" Quad-Core Notebook

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Lenovo ThinkPad 11.6" Quad-Core Notebook
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“Quad core” is the sure code word for AMD.

While not exactly a fast processor it will do what I ask of it, which is mostly MS Office and web browsing. The Radeon R3 integrated graphics with 128 shaders should do nicely for watching movies and video playback. The SSD drive is a touch small, but with services like OneDrive and iCloud it isn’t as big a problem as it used to be. The only drawback is the single channel memory bus which will hold back some of the performance.

Still, the price is good and the weight isn’t excessive. I may get this because I need more than a tablet, but don’t want a heavy laptop to weight me down when on the go. Time to check on customer feedback and professional reviews.

A decent performer for such price. You can upgrade it to something like 512GB SSD that woot put out on sale on the main page (SanDisk X210). It will cost nearly the same as this laptop but that SSD is very reliable.

A few stupid questions. I haven’t time to kerp up with computer developements. Any basic computer should work for me as I mainly want word processing. But I’ll still like a dvd drive for back up copies of programs like word or office. Am I being clueless here?

I need to replace an old vista that I really don’t use that much. Most of what I want to do is done on ipad. But I need tp print once in a blue moon (no cloud print, please) and I want to use Schivener. I also want a computer that I won’t have to replace until 2020. :slight_smile:

No trackpoint? No sale! That’s not a thinkpad there, son - at least, not a thinkpad that I want.

How do you right-click or drag a window without any buttons on the touch pad? A friend has a Win10 touch screen an we cant figure out how to drag onto an hdmi attached monitor.

See if this helps.

No optical drive but you can always use an external one.

Is this device fanless ?

verified with Lenovo sales this device does have a fan …

How easy is it to replace the SSD? Some HP and Dell computers of this size are a headache to swap out the HDDs.

I have this netbook purchased from Woot a few weeks ago but with a 500GB hard drive and Win 7 Pro. It was pretty much free of bloatware except for the Nitro PDF application. It is a nice netbook. It has an “always on” USB 2.0 port that can be used for charging your phone even when the computer is turned off as long as AC power is connected (or even on battery if changed from default in power settings). The 15W CPU has a PassMark of 2119, somewhat lower than the latest 15W Core i3 processors, but with better graphics performance.

I like it so far. Much better than the Acer Aspire One AO722 netbook with AMD C60 APU that it replaced.


Product Page on Lenovo’s site for reference. Seems like a legit little machine, although lack of actual buttons below the trackpad is somewhat worrisome.

That one is still for sale here on Woot over in the Woot! category. $20 cheaper than this one. I’m thinking of getting it.

I am especially happy with this product, specifically the sound quality is amazing.

You can press to left-click where the left button should be or anywhere within the touch pad, except for where the right button should be which has the right button behavior. At a minimum, it behaves like a touch pad with buttons and will tap to click. It really can do much more.