Lenovo ThinkPad 11.6" Quad-Core Notebook

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Lenovo ThinkPad 11.6" Quad-Core Notebook
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such a shame no trackpoint, but solid otherwise

CPU Benchmarks

Any feedback on how well the touch pad works on this machine? I don’t use a mouse. I have a Dell now which I’m looking to replace or at least have a backup for and while I haven’t been happy with it overall it does have an easy to use and very responsive touch pad which is super important to me. A deal breaker really if the touch pad is poor.

Not really fair to compare this low-power AMD CPU/GPU combo against mostly i7 CPUs! The power dissipation for this CPU is only 15 watts, where, for example, the i7-4710HQ one has a TDP of 47 watts. Your laptop won’t last quite as long on that one :slight_smile:

It does respectably against low-end i5 and i3 processors: http://cpuboss.com/cpu/AMD-A4-6210

http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Puma/AMD-A4-Series A4-6210.html

You should look for things comparing this against Intel’s i3 and i5 CPUs.

Is this dockable?

And where in hell is the TrackPoint? Did the SuperFish eat it or what?

Bring back yesterday’s deal.

I picked up one of these on the last go-round. I’m coming mainly from an older Macbook. I rarely use my Dell laptop at work without a mouse. I have adapted to this Lenovo touchpad and Win 10 with little frustration. Again, I’m not hooked on any prior finger-tech, so…

Indeed, the fact that lenovo calls this a ThinkPad when it doesn’t have a trackpoint is a shame. I wouldn’t even consider buying it for that reason only.

I was actually thinking about this for my daughter for school… but only 2 USB ports? Maybe if it had a docking station with it.

I bought this a couple of weeks ago thru Woot ($20 more, but so it goes). Love it. Use it for general purpose internet, Office, etc. Small, solid as a brick. Display is quite reasonable. I swapped in a larger SSD and upped the memory, and it is now a perfect travel/utility computer. The processor is more than enough for these tasks.

No 10-key on the keyboard? Deal breaker for accounting/finance. Also your comment login should not capitalize the first character - doesn’t work with some email addresses.

With an 11" screen, the keyboard would be so tiny to fit in a keypad.

occasionally i travel…i bought a laptop (15.6) to play small games and watch movies, look at pictures. The screen was too big to fit on the tray so i really could not use it on the airplane…will this be good enough to take on an airplane? I see it does not have a CD/DVD player but i could get a plug in USB type of player.
or any other recommendations of another machine? i dont want a chromebook.

Adapt to this.

You’ll want this:


Or simply install Linux Mint 17.2 LTS and forget about Microsoft’s snooping for good.

Just confirmed, no docking port.

And SuperFish is old news.

I would love to buy one but they won’t sell one to me because I am in Hawaii…

I will pay extra for shipping!!!

This happens with most of the products. Most annoying.