Lenovo ThinkPad 11.6" Quad-Core Notebook

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Lenovo ThinkPad 11.6" Quad-Core Notebook
Price: $199.99
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Condition: New


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CPU Info from CPUBenchMark

I am surprised. 7 mins and the BOC is still up.

I got one!!! Woohoo! It’s a Christmas Miracle! Just dumb luck, really.

It startled me. It’s wasn’t showing every time the page opened. I came here at 10:04 and it was there. I had time to go to the link read all the text and then consider if I should or not. After I ordered. I went back and something about a cat popped up. then something else. which led to earbuds. the third time the BOC popped up and it was sold out when I clicked.

is this good for airplane traveling(size and quality) to play minor video games and movies with a DVD player? is it too slow a processor?
youre right i dont know the question to ask.

Does this have Win7Pro downgrade rights like all new Win10Pro licenses?

Enlighten us why you want that?

I purchased one of these notebooks when it was offered a couple of weeks ago on Woot. I have had good luck with Lenovo and own quite a few Lenovo computers and accessories. Unfortunately, this notebook did not work out for me. I did not get too far using it, so I can not comment on speed, performance, etc. The notebook I received had issues with wifi (and probably bluetooth). Could not keep a wifi connection for longer than a few minutes, and then it could not even find any available wifi networks (or worse, would only find a few networks and not the strongest signals available which would be the ones I would like to connect to - my networks!). Lenovo had no solution other than start replacing hardware components.

I will be watching comments here to see what type of experience others have had with this notebook. Had to send the first one back but may consider it again if others report better luck than I had on the first go-around. Given the pressure to rush things to market before they are ready, I wonder if this notebook may fall in that category.

If you are having WiFi problems I would not look at the computer itself. Every unit I have either upgraded to Win 10 or purchased with Win 10 is having these issues. Lenovo, Toshiba, ASUS,…you name it. It’s a Microsoft problem. Getting tired of constant MS upgrades filling up my smaller units with very little storage to begin with constantly getting upgrades using up space while MS has not fixed it’s WiFi problem. Don’t blame the unit. It’s Win 10.

I bought this last time around (very similar if not exact) on Nov 29. I have to say I love this little laptop. It works perfectly for my use which is mostly web-surfing/shopping/woofing. The touchpad click seems to be finicky but I think it has more to do with the fact that I am not used to it and multi-touch gestures. I have not had problems with this wireless specifically though I do have a Linksys 1900AC WRT router. This laptop is compact, solid, and fast for web browsing with quick resume and sleep. It is easy to close and attend to the kids and nearly instant on when coming back to it. This is just my two cents–it has been my personal experience and I am very glad I got this for the same price as the cheapest iPad mini with so much more functionality for my personal needs.

Anyone have experience running linux on this?

I’d have bought one …

Does this have a touch screen?

[MOD: No]

how does this compare to the 12" HP laptop offered on the Woot!computer tab? they are only a few $ difference, but this is new and HP is a refurb. Looking for a birthday present for a pre-teen. needs to run minecraft and scratch, but not high-level gaming.

Leaning towards the thinkpad (cause it is new for a present, but have not used that brand of machine before. I realize only an i3 processor, but think that is sufficient for her needs?

I bought two of these Lenovo notebooks from Woot in the past and love them. Mine have the Intel proc. not that it makes a big difference. Very dependable notebooks. Great price! If you’re on the fence, go for it, you won’t be disappointed.

I can’t find anything that says Linux runs on this laptop. Too bad. Not for me. I guess I’ll stick with my little Hp Stream.

All you have to do is a little digging and you’ll find out…