Lenovo ThinkPad 11.6" Quad-Core Notebook

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I like mine. I would buy it again in a min.

Model number please

so this is the same as the one from a few nights ago except there’s no touchscreen on this one.

The “yoga” models also fold all the way back into a quasi-tablet mode, which along with the touch screen is the primary difference.

That and the other one was Yoga.

Is this computer worth buying?

If the listing under specs and Lenovo’s site is correct then it is the Lenovo ThinkPad 11e.

With Win 10 Pro and the 128gb SSD, this prices out at Lenovo at $749.55…eighty bucks more than woot! is giving it credit for.


Please note that the $270 Lenovo Yoga from the other day has an IPS screen and a touch screen - well worth the extra $70 IMHO. I hope they bring it back too.

Can this hook up to a docking station?

I bought this same ThinkPad 11e about a month ago. It’s a nice, compact computer. I’m just not used to Windows 10 but I’m learning. I wish I’d waited and bought the version with a 500GB HDD and Windows 7 for the same $199 price.

My only apprehension is the processor. Slower than my Surface 3 Atom x7. The SSD speed will likely make up for that, though. How does it seem to perform for general, non-gaming use?

Does this come with any bloatware on it? Or is this just the OS?

I have had the AMD-A4 version of this computer for a couple of months now. It is great for the general usage I need it for. I am not a gamer, but my daughter plays Minecraft on it without a problem. I did upgrade the RAM to 8gb. The CPU benchmark is significantly lower than the A4, so there is likely to be some performance differences.

I bought this exact model from the WOOT about a month ago.

The memory (1 - SODIMM) slot, the SSD area and battery are all under the underside cover. All three items are EASILY user replaceable.

I upgraded memory to 8gb and the SSD to a Samsung 850 (500gb). I’m not a gamer, but this is plenty fast for web surfing, MS Office, Photoshop ELEMENTS, etc.

BTW, the original SSD is made by Lite-On Technology Corp (WHO?) model LCH-12V2S.

Definitely happy with the purchase!

Is this better than a Chromebook? I need one just not for the Web but for Dropbox and some encrypted excel files. I don’t think Chromebook can open encrypted files but not for sure.