Lenovo ThinkPad 11.6" Quad-Core Notebook

Given recent Woot history, I think it’s safe to say that you’ll see it again (and again and again…)

It’s new so it will come with Lenovo’s standard add-ons. There are utilities out there that will help you remove that software.

and again…until it is finally refurbished by Dyson. at which point it will be offered again and again


It’s been added to the specs now.

I bought this computer earlier to test drive Windows 10. while the processor is not impressive, it is very adequate. For the money, this is very much worth it!

Will this be adequate to stream sports & movies onto my big screen via HDMI? It would be it’s primary use.

(Already have FireTV for netflix, etc.)

Anybody know the expected run time on battery or cost to expand memory or storage capacity? Thanks!

I purchased this a couple of weeks ago and while I didn’t drain the battery from 100% capacity, the estimated usage while surfing on the web for an hour totaled to be about 6-6.5 hours.

Expanding memory to 8gb ram costs less than $40 and the storage really depends on the size you intend to purchase but a 256 gb SSD will cost you $70-$80.

However, after using this computer for two weeks, I personally don’t think that upgrade is necessary. For someone who’s looking to get a laptop for gaming, they should pass on this one. For everyday, light use of laptop for surfing/streaming movies etc this computer is perfectly good as is - no need to spend extra $$$ as it defeats the purpose of the cost advantage of getting this laptop.

I’m interested in it for this reason also. The old laptop I had hooked up to the TV, gave up the ghost.

Any feedback about HDMI streaming would be very helpful.


Won’t matter. Windows 10 (reset/ save nothing& clean the drive option)

Once it reboots it’s pure Windows 10 Pro nothing left of any bloat.

I went ahead and ordered one. I was on the edge the last time this deal was posted, but have ultimately decided this is a great deal for a general use PC.

As long as you bear in mind the limitations of the processor, this is a tough deal to beat.

I’d be on this if Woot allowed you to use your Amazon gift card balance. You’re allowed to use your amazon account to check out and use all your current amazon payment options except gift cards. Does anyone on the Woot end know if we will ever be able to use our Amazon gift card balances to pay for Woot items?

I updated the SSD to a Samsung EVO 850 - 500gb drive for about $155; the 250gb version is less than $100. The 8gb SO-DIMM was about $35. The Samsung SSD has the ability to use RAPID mode - this uses extra memory (from 8gb) as a cache to further speed up the system.

The Samsung is about 2-3x faster than the SSD drive that comes with the 11e.

So, for a small total price, system performance can be increased, if you need it. As a general PC, the speed is FINE as-is!

Thanks for the informative reply!

No, it cannot. It’s designed for students.

I bought this a couple weeks ago and so far it’s pretty good. I plan on upgrading the RAM soon as well. My only issue is the track pad. It’s jerky and slow. Sometimes I have to click a few times, which is annoying.

Can someone please explain how to reinstall the driver for the track pad or roll back to another one? Thanks!

Of the different variations of this model that ive seen recently on woot, what is the best version for performance? and is it a big boost from the level down?

This one (I am typing on it) has worked fine for streaming. It may slow down if you have an excess of tabs open on your browser.

This sounds like a really good deal.
is the keyboard on this computer lighted?

Looking into getting this deal.
Is the keyboard lighted on this computer?