Lenovo ThinkPad 11.6" Quad-Core Notebook

Which is better, this or the AMD version? The CPU benchmark is supposedly better on the AMD.

I will be using it on a 4k TV, although I doubt it can handle 4k output.

Not sure if this link represents the Turbo boost or not, but it looks like the AMD version has a very slight edge.

Reference: UserBenchmark: AMD A4-6210 APU R3 Graphics vs Intel Celeron N2940

I got one of these recently. For $200 it is an excellent little computer. I use it for amateur radio stuff. More than adequate for things like winlink2k using WINMOR and packet. Fldigi works, SDRplay with HDSDR and SDR Console too. I have also used it for controlling my telescope. It appears a bit less suited for that but it all depends on how heavy you load it.

For a disposable computer for light duty this thing is hard to beat. AC Wifi as well as GbE is nice if you care about high speed LAN networking. Good keyboard, pad is acceptable. I sometimes find the click a bit troublesome. It appears to work differently than other pads as I often have to redo a click as a tap. Not sure what is up with that.

Not surprisingly this thing would work great if you have kids that need to bring a computer to school. Rugged and cheap enough for the job. It says ‘EDU series’ on a sticker so this is clearly meant to be a chrome killer. Frankly this is a Chrome obliterator. The only reason to get a chrome book over this thing is that with a CB there is less risk of malicious software getting installed. But decide that part for yourself :slight_smile:

I just bought this for my college student to take notes on.

I puchased using amazon’s account. Is the return policy better by having gone that route than by using my woot account?

I am just asking because this is replacing an ASUS laptop that is not working right from the start (Amazon) and I have no problems returning with them.


Picked one up a couple weeks ago when woot sold the same unit on amazon. No complaints… Good for typical web browsing… I did spend $35 to increase the memory to 8 gigs…it is upgradeable, unlike other laptops like the HP stream where it is soldered in…
My opinion…this is a great 2nd laptop…truely disposable… Maybe even a good replacement for an older XP unit…but remember, it is a lower powered chip with pretty lightweight hardware…having the SSD makes it feel fast, but the reality is it is barely more than a netbook…heck you can get the same unit as a chrome book…just too keep it in perspective.

After you purchase, you have 90 days to upgrade the warranty. The warranty upgrade is pretty cheap compared to other manufactures. I cannot recall, but I think its like $50 for another 2 years. I think its worth doing.

Not for a $200 computer
IF it shouldn’t happen to last that long then just purchase the much faster, newer version at that point for the same price point.

About the intel version -
I haven’t had a chance to check much yet.
I kept asking each or most times these came up if they could handle 1080p and 4k playback of 264 and 265


appears to be able to handle 264 playback up to 4k fairly well so far.
and 265 at any quality high bit rate (low quality not tested) doesn’t work at 1080 or more - lower not tested yet.
Figured that would be the case with 265 - though had hope

When you upgraded the RAM did it have 2 slots so all you had to buy was an additional 4gb?

Does this laptop have 1 or 2 slots to upgrade ram? I have seen some answers on amazon that state this has 2, but in other places it says it only has 1 slot. Also, is it a specific type of ram, or any 204 pin 1.5v will do?