Lenovo ThinkPad 11" Quad-Core Notebooks

Is this like the other thinkpads, with the dark screen? I love my Lenovo ThinkPad, but the screen simply can’t be brightened/lightened enough.

The screen is bright, very bright but when off-angel it’s not. So it’s not the highest-end screen, and for $200 it’s not expected. But it’s not dark if you don’t want it to be. I got the same Lenovo for $200 but with Win10, and a 128GB SSD. I like it. I’m also very good with computers and I should hate for $200 but it handles Win10 well. That’s why these have Win 7 and a non a SSD, because they would suck with Win10. It’s got a 7200 RPM which is pretty good for a $200 laptop, but SSD reliability is important. If the RPM drive dies, it’s cheap to fix but data may be lost. Win10, no reason to care about that. Be happy if you buy it, that it does not have it, and don’t upgrade to it, unless you get more RAM.

Dangit, I missed the ones with the A4-6210 processor. I was looking for exactly that version, too. Oh well :frowning: