Lenovo ThinkPad 11e Quad-Core Chromebook

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Lenovo ThinkPad 11e Quad-Core Chromebook
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Notebook Check

I’ve been tempted by some of these Thinkpads, with and without Yoga style. I halfway think I’m going to put Linux on one. And I wanted to use my Woot 10% of coupon, but they just wouldn’t put up a Tiny Desktop configured the way I want.

Oh well. Tonight, after looking at this, I remembered how unimpressed I generally am by the Braswell SOCs (don’t get me wrong, they’ll do most of what we want, just seemingly not any better than Bay Trail). I thought I might put the whole thing off until Apollo Lake starts showing up. Then I cruised over to the Lenovo outlet - they sell a mix of new and refurb. They had new, mildly specced N22s and N23s as low as $150 - some with bigger eMMC for very small uptick. They also had a very limited number of these 11e Gen 3 Windows machines (some Chrome also). I was able to buy a refurb with a real 128 gig SSD, an IPS screen, and upgradeable RAM, and best of all an i3-6100u processor. Win 10 Pro 64 (which I’d still like to downgrade). $255 for that one. There were others at decent prices, but they all appear to be one-offs. We’ll see if it matches spec when I gets here. One year warranty. Was looking forward to Wooting and couponing, but the Lenovo deal was too strong.

I just bought this computer the 2017 version from Amazon. So far I give it five stars great

will this run mine craft, Netflix and Razkids ?

This laptop is a Chromebook, so it does not come with Windows. Netflix runs native, but Minecraft needs java, so no, it won’t work out of the box. Not sure about Raz-kids. It looks like there’s an Android app, which may work on a Chromebook. You’d need to check with them about ChromeOS support.

I bought one of the Hp Chromebooks here 18 months ago and love it. It has the 4G with a small amt. of lifetime service. I would miss that on this computer. I also have this lenovo model (purchased on woot) with win 10 I am very happy with the construction, but the screen is a bit dim in daylight.

Feel sure it will do mine craft, definitely do Netflix, not familiar with the last one

Will it run Minecraft out of the box? No.
But jumping thru some hoops, like setting the chrome book in developer mode, then installing crouton (which basically installs a Linux OS running in parallel with chrome. I would at the time writing this recommend the xenial release), then install Oracle Java, then download the minecraft.jar file and run it. If any of this sounds too complicated or scary, I wouldn’t recommend getting a chrome book to play minecraft. It requires familiarity with using command line and a bit Linux experience.
I would also recommend a chrome book with more storage (32GB), and running Optifine (Optifine.net), but make sure it’s running on a 64bit Intel processor.
Hope this helps.