Lenovo ThinkPad 14.1" Core i5 Laptop

For what it’s worth, I’ve used a couple “old” T-60’s with 1.66 processor, 2 gb ram,…plenty fast to stream media, but have no desire whatsoever to play games. I do use linux. Paid $150 for both on eBay 5 years ago. Terrific machine!

LOL, I love how much Windows sucks. Counting right now, I have…11 tabs open in Chrome, 29 open in Opera, LibreOffice writer with two long docs, VLC playing music, GIMP, a text editor, 3 large spreadsheets, a 30 page PDF, AWN, full compiz desktop effects, and a non-lightweight distro (ubuntu gnome-classic). Checking memory usage - 2GB! 50% of my 4GB on my X61 ThinkPad. Yep, ought to be speedy, and it is. I would have to open TWICE all that to have to swap. Or I could set up a pretty generous virtual machine with no slowdown, even running alongside all that other stuff.

With this laptop, my full workload would be using 1/4 of available RAM. Nice.

It’s sad but true that the #1 driver (other than games) for people to buy new and better PCs is simply what utter rot Windows is.

As a sidenote, for anyone who cares, the Thinkpad line have absolutely the best reputation for Linux friendliness; basically guaranteed 100% working out of the box (volume buttons don’t work on mine, only hiccup). From putting a USB in the drive to have a fully installed and productive linux system < 30 easy minutes on ANY laptop in the traditional ThinkPad line (ie, T/W/X). Thinkpads kick ass!

Also, the Trackpoint ‘nub’ rules. It provides easy and instant two-axis scrolling, similar to how multitouch works on Macs, but better IMHO. Oddly, the Trackpoint behavior in Windows using official Lenovo drivers sucks, enough to be an utter dealbreaker for me.

TL;DR: ThinkPads and Linux are a match made in heaven.

-Four time ThinkPad owner.

This is our workhorse laptop at the office and two years ago I would have said this was s great deal.

A lot changes in two years. Ours have been dropping like flies over the past 8 months. Displays needing to be replaced are a major issue and if it’s out of warranty that’s an expensive problem. The hard drives have been having issues and dropping dead lately too. These have the old iPod style miniature hard drives that you can’t find drive enclosures for at Fry’s or Micro Center. There’s no HDMI out. Big things and little things that add up. I’d go for something with contemporary technology, under warranty, and with better consumer features. And I am in the market for a new laptop.

Well, no bluetooth. However, 4 USB slots , so , for me anyhow, I could probably afford to keep one of them tied up with a bluetooth dongle. So I will have to seriously consider buying this.

Not such a great deal. Only five dollars cheaper than Newegg regular price. Newegg has free shipping and with shipping this woot is $405.00.
Woot sharpen your pencil.


[MOD EDIT: I think you meant to type “$505.00”…]

totally agree with this post. I’m running the T410 as I type. I’ve owned every other version of this machine for 8 years and am getting read to buy the T430. I then maintain my old ones because I give them to my kids, spouse, parents. They last forever–true workhorse. I bought my current T410 in Jan 2011 and it’s nearly identical to the one here. notable-It lacks HDMI out. If I were in market for a $500 T410, I’d call Lenovo tech support and ask why enough became “refurbished” to be sold via woot. What went wrong and what can be done about that. Also, what is offered here for warranty and can you extend it?

I have friends who are still using older T-series laptops (older than T400 or T500) and if they replace their laptop it will be with another Thinkpad.

Is it worth $500…

I would bet that lenovo is starting to clear out stock that they used for warranty replacement / parts. Seeing as these are hitting three years old, and the standard warranty is three years, most people don’t pay to extend the mfg warranty, lenovo doesn’t need to carry the same amount of replacement stock anymore. So, release them to a site like Woot and recoup some of the costs…

We have about 100 of these around the office between the T410 and T510. And another 80 or so between the T420 and T520. They’ve been great machines.

I also have, or rather, had one of these (except with BT). For Thinkpads, they are quite beastly (I suppose to drive toward the T4xxS series, right?)

Namely, I wasn’t too impressed. There isn’t anything here that isn’t being done as good or better by other manufacturers, unlike when the T2x and T4x ruled the day.

Lenovo still purportedly test the hell out of these things and call center is based in ATL, GA; however, the T410 is (now was) my last ThinkPad. IBM, according to rumor (and also looking around the “office”)has also moved on from Lenovo in favor of. . . well, it doesn’t matter. Not Dell, at least. Not Dell.

IBM is also dumping these. I think they stopped buying Thinkpads at the 420 series. But they mostly get sold by IBM CPP (refurbed by IBM NERP).

Pass. Not even close to a decent pricepoint for a system with such outdated hardware. And even if it was stacked with a i7, the SSD drive is a deal breaker. All the HYPE over SSD drives has lived out it’s life. Being one who got a tower last year with a 120gb ssd, I soon found you will out grow it in about 5 minutes even though it came with a 2tb data drive and I HAD TO redirect all installs to the data drive. I ended up just going with a 750gb hybrid drive that cost me 3 seconds on boot up but still works as well as the SSD drive it replaced. So, I migh spring 299 for it but for me, it’s 200.00 over priced. JMO

5 pounds

Indeed I agree. I’ve been using a T410 8GB/250GB RAM/SSD for 2 years now and aside from lacking USB3.0 and chicklet keyboard, I WON’T TRADE IT IN! I passed on newer T430 laptop because its screen was lower-res and smaller drive. I WOULD BUY THIS T410 DEAL if I didn’t already have one.

I bought one of these with the same specs last month from TigerDirect for $50 more (grrr). I could not bring myself to buy a Windows 8 machine, I’m not a power user and I’m cheap. It was billed as “off lease”.

It’s not pretty and it doesn’t have the latest geegaws, but it’s perfect for what I use it for (web browsing and streaming), it boots in 20 seconds and runs much cooler and quieter than my previous machine.

I use 2-port SuperSpeed USB3.0 ExpressSlot card instead. Does not deter me from loving my T410

Hey, I bought one of these a while ago, works fine. But, the docking station has a lock without the key, now that placed the computer in the docking stationing I can’t remove it! Any ideas on how I can remove?

Is it just me or is anyone else concerned about the battery life on this $500, several-generation-old refurb?

The flowchart was no help. I like both Yes and Rush.

I didn’t say the last one, but one of the last. Yes, the [NN]20 models still have the good keyboard (I have one myself). Everything after that ([NN]30) is crap

I would just like to set the record straight regarding the diagram that says: “if you want a MAC don’t don’t purchase this laptop.”

I have one of these running Hackintosh and it thinks it is a MACBOOKPRO. It runs as well as a mac at 1/3rd the price. Also runs Ubuntu Linux like a champ right off the install with no need to jerk around with drivers just boot up install and use it. IBM really screwed up selling this portion of the company. In my mind this was a flagship product.

locksmith or a decent thief.