Lenovo ThinkPad 14.1" Dual-Core i5 Laptop


Lenovo ThinkPad 14.1" Dual-Core i5 Laptop
Price: $299.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Monday, May 19 to Thursday, May 22) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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I Purchased this from Woot last time it was available. Arrived in perfect condition and actually looked new. I upgraded to 8 gb of Ram and very happy with its performance. Built like a tank and a very good key board.

Same here, the 9 cell (not 6!) battery had maybe 12 cycles on it. What’s interesting is that the model number doesn’t exist anywhere in Lenovo PSREF nor online. Are these custom/secret configs? and are these the same batch or different?

The T410? It’s a standard config but we don’t have information on the batch or source.

Hi, I work in Lenovo’s National Returns Center. All refurbished units receive a refurb model number. On consumer models they are usually completely different numbers. However, commercial units typically end in CTO, which is changed to CTR after refurbishment.

$300 i5. Wow. Then you look at the screen res and after all the hoopla with tablets, 1280x800 sounds…little. This is a 14 inch screen, y’know? I keep looking at these, but havent found anything yet to tempt me from my T61p. Now THAT’s a tank. With the IBM era keyboard.

I have a T430 (I’m guessing this guy’s newer brother) and I absolutely hate it.

The Windows experience is strictly average and probably only held up by the solid state disk and i7 proc. The one sold here has neither.

If you enjoy looking at your screen then steer far away from this notebook because the cheap Lenovo screens are garbage. The brightness is awful, the colors are inaccurate and awful, and the viewing angles are, you guessed it: awful. There’s no way I’d ever elect to use a computer like this if I weren’t forced to by my employer.

The trackpad is mediocre but the keyboard is functional, if not lacking a backlight. The little red trackpoint is a nice feature I wish more computers had.

If this model has the rubberized shell finish, know that it will look terrible after a month. You will have scratches and abrasions everywhere.

The disk drive likes popping out on it’s own because the activation button is easily hit. Not a huge deal but annoying nonetheless.

These computers also have a fun little problem where the black plastic corners near the silver hinges crack and separate. I’d say 20-30% of the people I see with these have this issue. You may also experience fan failures - I had to get my motherboard replaced because the fan became misaligned or something and began failing. This is hardly a super rugged notebook and doesn’t meet my expectations for what I thought was a sturdy brand.

TL;DR - You don’t want to use this for an extended period of time because the experience is mediocre at best. It will surf the internet and probably run most of your basic programs, but it will be an exercise in frustration and you will be disappointed every time you look at the screen.

Well, the sticker under mine reads: PRODUCT ID:2522WT4 but it’s not that important. The specs could be better but at least it’s a brand new machine so I cannot really complain.

I’m also a happy owner of a T510, been using it daily in a very dusty environment for the past 4 years and I cannot be more happy about it. 5 star performance, rock solid, highly dependable.