Lenovo ThinkPad 14.1" Dual-Core i5 Laptop

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Lenovo ThinkPad 14.1" Dual-Core i5 Laptop
Price: $229.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Here are some reviews

Time to learn all about the processor

Would be perfect if had Quad Core and at least one USB 3.0

Perfect timing for me! I had just ordered a new laptop from Amazon earlier today, just something to use in place of my Alienware that craps out on me all the time. So, wasn’t looking for any high-end laptop but wanted a ThinkPad.

Canceled that Amazon order in a flash and took advantage of this deal. Saved money and also bypassed having to deal with windows 8.

I’m wary of the recon - many of these series have had bad video cards (which are integrated to mobo.)

I bought a recon E450, and video went kaput 14 months later.

Just keep in mind, those have solid state drives. These have mechanicals.

It’s virtually a quad core.

How many of these ARE there?

I was pretty excited when I was upgraded to mine. . . In 2010. However, I am was ultimately disappointed. Oh it performed well (and is still quite adequate) but at the cost of unnecessary heft, screen just a little to dim, and a somewhat inexplicably flexy keyboard.

Yes, you can put 8 GB in. Solid state drive makes a noticible difference on boot.

Graphics performance, for me, was similar to an ATI 9600, and it ran Windows 8 very well (much better performance than Windows 7). Network performance, once Bluetooth issues were sorted, was top notch.

I had a good run with Thinkpads (starting with the 600E). I believe I’ve said before, but the T420 will be my last one-- I’m into Surfaces and Venues now.

question: Does this have bluetooth? I didn’t find it in the description or the specs?

“1280 x 800 resolution showcases movies and games in stunning clarity”

Stunningly terrible.

Does it come with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.)?

So, am I correct that this is a 5 year old model, or has Lenovo been using the same model # for several years?

T410 Hardware Maintenance Manual

No Bluetooth. Sorry.

Can be easily added though-- there should be an internal header to attach something similar to 60Y3199 (later version),
60Y3213, or 60Y3271

Looks to me the ThinkPad deal the other day with second generation i5 processor is well worth the 70 bucks price difference. Some even reported 1600x900 screen installed.

This one is simply too old. Come on, we are already on 5th gen core i processor. The power consumption is a huge factor especially when you go mobile.


Is this the same one?

I’m a laptop dummy.

Can’t help the quad core, but with it having an expresscard slot, you can always throw in a USB3 one in there. Monoprice has one for like $10.