Lenovo ThinkPad 14.1" Dual-Core i5 Laptop

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Lenovo ThinkPad 14.1" Dual-Core i5 Laptop
Price: $219.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Unknown (Wednesday, Apr 08 to Thursday, Apr 09) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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CPU Benchmark

Jurassik Park?


Reviewed back in 2010 when it came out: http://www.notebookreview.com/notebookreview/lenovo-thinkpad-t410-review/
There also seems to be a known issue with the display due to flexing…
But hey, for a couple of bills what can you expect?

1280x800? That’s Lite-Brite ™ territory.
Does it come with spare color pegs in case you lose one?

The resolution is tragic and battery life could be better, but otherwise this is a solidly good laptop; sturdy with decent performance, before the tpad line got all horked up at version '30 by the ibook-apeing keyboard designers and frame-cheapening bean counters over there.

Wow, tell us how you really feel. j/k thanks for the honest post.

Hey, this is when I LIKE a product. :slight_smile:

I received this as a vendor demo back when it was new, and I absolutely HATE it. Even for free, it’s not worth owning. Too much internal junk you cannot remove, and it doesn’t work right. Have had nothing but hassles with it. Lenovo loads too much proprietary software that overtakes system processes.

i dont mind the odd resolution. honestly more vertical space is ideal. who needs extra pixels for all the white space along the left and right sides of a web space or any other full screen app? yeah it sucks for side by side documents or apps- but most people don’t work like that.

dang… woot charges sales tax in CT now. $15 down the tubes for that… ughhh


Check out the Woot Buying Guide for Laptops and tell us what you think!

HEY! It was good in its day!

//mumbles “GET OFF MY LAWN!”

Woot does it again - Perfect computer for a child.

This is a Thinkpad, so it’s very durable. It’s so durable it’s 5 pounds. That’s steel, durable.

No Webcam - Parents don’t want a webcam on a kids computer! Too many cam hacks.

8GB Upgrade - <$63

Add SSD - $50?

2.93 in turbo mode

Wireless N

1 year warranty on a refurb? No details on the warranty provider.

Win7 64 - better than Win8, Win10 around the corner.

Neg: Displayport to HDMI adapter required for HDMI.

No details on the 6 cell battery? Used? New? A replacement 9 cell is $30


I’ve had my fill of Dells & HP repairs and Thinkpad is by far the best in class. I’m currently on the X1-Carbon and I love it.

T410 Hardware Maintenance Manual

Purchased one of these ‘refurbished’ units a year ago on Woot. It is squirrely/erratic. Eventually resolved most tech issues, but still unable to input audio. Paid $323.00 a year ago.

Picked up one back in March during a woot-off for $10 more.

Speakers would not work on the unit I received. It was from metropc.com so contacted them per insert that was in the box. They emailed me a UPS shipping label and sent it back. Took a while for the replacement to come and they ended up overnight shipping to me as I was going out of town.

No issues with the replacement. Works well enough for my needs.

Yeah- maybe, back when Christ was a carpenter.

I think the tablets the Ten Commandments were on had higher resolution.

I got one of these from woot a year ago and it’s been great. haven’t had any trouble with it.