Lenovo ThinkPad 14" Business Notebooks

Lenovo ThinkPad 14" Business Notebooks

What a piss poor so-called deal. As someone who owns 8 Thinkpad T series models, none of them costed me this much, and all of these have the worst resolution panel that they could possibly be rebuilt with. Any of these models can be found from refurbishers on eBay for nearly half the price, all with better specs. Especially T420, that thing is from the stone age.

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Amazon seems to have the T440 for $219 refurbished on Prime. Only difference I can spot is the Amazon ones have a 500GB SATA whereas these have a 128GB SSD.

The pics show the 440 and 450 with the fingerprint reader though the specs say it doesn’t have it. We’ve used both models here at work and they all had it.

The 440 has a lousy touchpad. much improved on the 450.

We’re actually retiring the 440 at work and I just took home 3 for free yesterday.