Lenovo ThinkPad 15.6" Dual-Core 2.4GHz Laptop

Time to learn all about the processor

CPU Benchmark

I’m not up on the E-series. ThinkLight on these? Backlit keyboard?

How about docking–can we get a picture of the underside?

Overall comments about these and how they compare to the T-series?

I picked up a E520 about 2.5yrs ago for not much more than this.

Does not have backlit keys or thinklight, and doesn’t support docking stations

Doesn’t get hot in lap, battery life on standard 6cell is 3-4hours web stuff, 2ish youtube/streaming.

LCD is meh… seen worse, seen better. Wish it was higher-res, but it works well enough.


My $.02

[MOD: Supports Lenovo’s Onelink Technology for docking.]

My work laptop is a similar model, and everything is fine except for the track pad-mouse button combo thing, which is driving me nuts. I’ve been using the computer for a couple months and I still can’t manage to put my thumb in the right spot to left click.

At least it’s still got the button mouse.

Seconding this, my company has a number of E531’s and they have the same touchpad and it is atrocious. So you’ll probably want to make sure you have a mouse to use with it.

For $30 more, you can have an I5, touchscreen that’s new with a full warranty

Acer - Aspire 15.6" Touch-Screen Laptop - Intel Core i5 - 4GB Memory - 500GB Hard Drive - Midnight Black

Aspire E5-571P-55TL datasheet

[MOD: Today’s computer is a NEW business class laptop with a 1-year warranty from Lenovo]

Morning Wooters. Here’s some info on these:

This is a NEW business-class computer. That means you get a sturdy, well-built computer that’s ready for travel and moving around with you. It comes with a 1-year Lenovo warranty.

There’s no backlit keyboard. They seem to think business people don’t need these for some reason.

It uses Lenovo’s new OneLink Technology for docking:

Get more from your power cable! OneLink technology is a unique interface that simplifies connectivity through a single cable to the ThinkPad OneLink Dock. The OneLink dock (not included) provides dedicated video, USB 3.0 ports, Gigabit Ethernet, and audio—all while charging your notebook.

I start back to school next week and have been looking for the right laptop. I think this one might be it. I’ve had a 2 other Lenovo’s in the past and really liked them.

Could he laptop be shipped today, instead of 3 - 5 business days? I would like it to arrive on Monday.


Sorry but all the orders ship at the same time.

I thought you had a 1 day ship option, or is that only on some items?

Just some items. Usually those that ship out of Amazon warehouses (our inventory, our buyers). This is shipping directly from the vendor and will ship out in 3-5 days. Then allow time for transit.

Thank you for the explanation. I’ll have to find another place to purchase.

Could someone please let me know if the memory on this laptop can be upgraded to 8 GB easily? It helps if someone who has done something similar can share the knowledge. Perhaps like at - http://blog.laptopmag.com/how-to-upgrade-ram-lenovo-t440s.

So, I can install windows 8 pro on this for no extra cost?

I am a HUGE fan of Thinkpads and have recently been shopping for another one, finding myself torn between the T and W-series. My research turned up something in common with this series: the keyboard and the mouse trackpad buttons. Some feel the keyboard is shifted way too far to the left to type comfortably. Might be an issue if you do a lot of touch-typing. But even avid Thinkpad proponents complain bitterly about the mouse trackpad buttons. You can no longer use the Trackpoint stick and let your finger rest comfortably on the left mouse button. Replacing the physical buttons with touch-sensitive surfaces has been a deal-breaker for me and many other Thankpad fans. But if you are planning on using an external mouse most of the time, these should be great long-lasting business machines.

It looks easy. I can’t guarantee that it ships with 1x4gb module like the picture shows- so wait until you get it before ordering RAM.


I’m in for one. With the sting of the refurb elitebook fiasco fresh in my mind, I hesitated. Woot made that ugly situation right, and this is new, 1 yr manufacturer warranty, win7 or 8, decent specs. I can’t imagine why this would disappoint with intended usage. Should run Plex Server nicely, with my 2TB usb3 external drive for added storage. I don’t need high portability, since I’ll use it mostly connected via hdmi to the big screen in my media room (once I swap in a bluray read/write drive). Thanks Woot!

Yes because it includes the license for Windows 8 Pro.

From the features:
Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) Installed; Comes with Windows 8 Professional (64-bit) license