Lenovo Thinkpad 15" Full-HD i7 Workstation

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Lenovo Thinkpad 15" Full-HD i7 Workstation
Price: $1299.99
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Time to learn all about the processor

CPU Benchmarks

I thought for sure the drawing was a poop

I have not chimed in on anything in a while but I feel like I need to say something about this sale.

This is a MAJOR RIP-OFF. The NVIDIA Quadro K1100M 1GB GPU has some of the lowest ratings I have seen in over three years.

256gb Hard Drive? Come on, that is ridiculous.

Max 16gig DDR3 is also ridiculously small and old…

This price is way out of bounds here for essentially a web surfing email reading PC.

I agree on that graphics card, totally kills the computer.

I’ve been faithfully checking Woot every morning since Xmas to find a well priced CAD computer after I missed the HP Elitebook 8560W (wish sounds like it turned out not as described unfortunately).

For cheaper than this Lenovo I could get a Dell M2800 Workstation or jump to the M3800 or M4800 for a little more.

C’mon Woot, where are those amazing deals we used to get!

You must be surfing some really high-powered websites and reading some really serious mail.

Overpriced for sure. Costco has a Toshiba at the same speed and half the price. Oh well…

Sorry my friend but this is not a web surfing or email reading laptop, this is a good one!, now regarding the price, meh…

As far as the graphics card is concerned, remember that this is a business machine. Lenovo does not manufacture the Thinkpad line for consumer use, they have different product lines for that. This explains the hard drive as well, as their core market doesn’t have a need for huge hard disks. Thinkpads are made to be very durable moreover than anything else.

I have been buying Thinkpads for my users over the last 12+ years. These machines are very tough, very dependable - and very expensive. Over 95% of the machines we buy get retired from old age, not from failure, and we try to keep our laptops in circulation for 5+ years. That’s tough to find in a world of fast - but crappy - commodity notebooks.

If you’re looking for a machine to do lots of multimedia or with lots of graphics performance, don’t bother. These things are going to be overpriced for any user trying to do that.

Now that I’m done shilling for Lenovo, let me warn everyone about the trackpad on these. They suck. Lenovo changed the design of the Trackpad a short while back, making it very large. It’s difficult to type without brushing against it and moving the mouse around, and the “buttons” on it make a large audible CLUNK when pressed, making it obnoxious in quiet settings.

I turned my trackpad off in the BIOS and use the trackpoint instead, which helps.

I cant tell if you are trolling or not. But I thought I would steer people clear of you comments regardless.

The GPU is a workstation card. For CAD, 3D modeling pros, graphic designers and the like. It is not a gaming GPU. It is not meant for gaming, nor should this laptop be purchased as a suitable gaming rig.

The 256GB hard drive is a solid state drive(SSD). Please look up the difference between an SSD and a traditional HDD (Hard disk drive) before purchasing. SSD’s are far superior and much more expensive per GB than traditional hard drives. Given the price of this laptop, and all the other features, a 256GB SSD seems about right.

“Max 16gig DDR3 is also ridiculously small and old…” this is the dumbest comment of them all. 8GB is probably the standard for most peoples needs. 16GB of RAM is more than enough memory for even the most hardcore multitaskers. Again, just about right at this price point.

This is much, much more than a web surfing PC. Do not not buy this laptop if that is your only purpose, it would be massive overkill.

Also 32GB RAM is the max, 4 slots @ 8GB. I have the W520 and this has been the same for a while on the W5 series…It’s a great laptop to test VMs on. 3 places for SSDs in here (if you take out the DVD drive).

As a couple others have noted above, the Thinkpad series is a business-grade laptop. It’s going to have a sturdy build that will survive lots of moving and travel.

Thinkpads aren’t meant for gaming. They’re for business application.

Yes, an SSD, probably the most you can do to make your laptop perform. I recently upgraded an older slower laptop to an SSD from a 5400 speed HDD and the difference was amazing. So those down on a 256 Gig drive, just know that you should put your videos, pictures and other high volume media elsewhere and save the SSD drive for running your laptop, and quite fast. The price on this machine doesn’t seem like a deal to me though.

As an owner of two thinkpads: W530 (prior year’s model to what’s being sold here) and T420, these things are the volvos of laptops. They’re boxy, ugly and nearly indestructible. I think $1299 is way overpriced for this device, but I’m a huge fan of my thinkpads. The video card combination allows this device to drive 5 screens (when hooked up to an appropriate docking station). Makes it super nice to use the same device as my daily workstation, and then also as my travel or work from home machine. THAT is the purpose of this machine. To bring workstation level performance in a laptop.

Oh, and people use computers to play games? Huh. Ok.

For those that don’t think this is a deal, remember that this is the current production model not some discontinued product. The W series is hard to find other than through Lenovo, so that 33% discount is pretty accurate.

But then, I’m only a casual bargain hunter.

Typing this on my W540 right now. However, I got the higher resolution screen and the K2100 GPU. Otherwise, same specs. I love it. I think we spent $2300 or something on it and this deal really intrigued me. However, people are saying it’s overpriced. Not quite sure how you’d justify that comment… this thing is a beast. $1300 for a current workstation-class Thinkpad is pretty damn good. Especially when you consider a mid- to high-range T440 is similarly priced and not designed for the same use.


I love you, but are you going to tease me forever? I click to the specs every time, and every time I’m disappointed. Are you ever going to list a Linux laptop?

What’s stopping you from installing Linux on this? What exactly is a “Linux laptop” anyway? Surely someone who uses Linux is smarter than that question.