Lenovo Thinkpad 15" Full-HD i7 Workstation

We use these at my work. Just FYI, the built in screen with the Nvidia Quadro 1100M can do 2880x1620, which is substantially higher than the listed 1920x1080.

And, yes, the trackpad is garbage.

One more voice to the mix: This is a distinctly OK machine, but don’t assume it’s an improvement over the previous generations. It’s not.

My work gave me the whole series over the past few years: From T61p to W500 to W510 to W520 to W530…
T61p: this was a fabulous, bulletproof system that worked perfectly with Windows, Linux, and every possible software and physical situation I could throw at it.
W500: In most ways an improvement over the T61p, especially cpu+memory. However, the screen backlight faded prematurely, and the build was slightly less tough. BIOS much less friendly, and easier to hose the machine.
W510: Faster but cheaper still, and a power hog. Not very durable, and some of the components like the card reader no longer linux friendly.
W520: Still faster and massively better power management than the W510 (almost double the battery life). BIOS worse still. Still, I have one as a home machine, and it keeps on chugging along.
W530: Lost the great keyboard to the ibook-like chicklet fad. The frame is ok, but the outer housing is now total junk, with things like the screen bezel warping and popping off. BIOS is now totally windows-centric, and easy to bork.
W540: Great options for super-hires screen/GPU, but physical durability is now average at best. Big buttonless trackpad is a sad reminder of what came before. BIOS and hardware options now the subject of horror stories.
I got off the bus here when evaluating the W540, and opted for an HP Elitebook instead (now Zbook line) – haven’t regretted it at all.